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Thanks for your support. Please let us have any info on successes you have had using our database. Our goal is to Blacklist scam artists and your feedback is always appreciated. You can email us at : Reports@RateMyCustomers.com.

We have had numerous e-mails from users who have discovered a potential  scam customer on our site and steered clear of doing business with that person. The more we call them out the more likely they are to stop the scamming. Case in point is a couple of the success stories we have listed below (let us have your story too):

Success Stories:

After seeing my previous post at this website, Mr. C____  contacted us and offered to settle his debt.  We were happy to mitigate late and finance fees and he paid when he said he would. "

" Thanks for your site; the minute this woman saw her name listed on your site she called us and offered to work it out. We finally got paid. Thank You so much!"

" Thank you so much, after I informed Mr and Mrs ___  that I had posted their name on your
site offered to pay immediatly and begged me to remove them from the list. They have paid me so please can you remove their name from the list. Thanks again, your site is a great tool..."

" I am a building contractor and was contacted by a person on your "bad customer list" and was concerned about doing business with this person. When I asked him about the complaint that the other contractor reported on your site this person suddenly went crazy and it became obvious to me I did NOT want to business with him. Thanks for your web site, it saved me a big headache I am sure.. "

" I wish I had found your site earlier, I have finally "fired" a nightmare customer who I find listed on your site who has taken advantage of our business for months. I thought she was doing this to just us, but now its clear that this person does this all the time. In the future I will always check your site first before I do business with anybody, just in case! "

Thanks again for adding  _________  to your database. Our issue with her has been resolved and we would like to have her removed from your list as a result. Thank You! "  

Have a story? Let us know and we will be happy to post it here! Thanks!