Database of Customers that have been rated

This database is listed in alphabetical order by last name. Please keep in mind that the ratings below are the conclusion and perception of the business involved in the dispute with the consumer and may not reflect the experience of all businesses that have delt with this consumer.
This forum is a place where businesses have the opportunity to publish NEGATIVE reviews and comments about a particular customer from the business' point of view.  For all intents and purposes this is a customer BLACKLIST created by the businesses involved based on their experience in dealing with the customer.
If you are a customer who's name is listed here and you  wish to have your name removed from this list then you should contact the business involved directly to attempt to resolve the issue with them. If you are unable to resolve the issue with the business then you may file a response to the review here and we will forward this on to the business. We may also at our discretion add your comments to the bottom of the review, however your first recourse should be to attempt to resolve your issue with the business since this is a review placed by the business and this is their perception of you as a customer.  

We do remind consumers and businesses that 
the ratings below are the conclusion and perception of the business involved and may not reflect the experience of all businesses that have delt with this customer.

                            Consumer's Name                                                                         Address                                                                                              


Mary   217 Prospect st.  Cranford, N.J. 07016  (908) 709-1337                       
Special order under cabinet microwave oven and mounting kit.  Was told it was not returnable as printed on invoice.  Armstrong attempted to install, damaging unit. Came back and Left it in our store and canceled credit card.

Tiffany    605 N. Broom St, Wilmington, DE, 19805                                                     
Worst Customer To Do Business With Ever!!! Avoid At All Costs!!! Makes Plans To Pay With NO Intention Of Ever Paying.  Still Owes Me $575.00 and I Will Probably Never See Her Again.  DEAD BEAT CUSTOMER.  Do NOT Do Business With!!!

Azlan, Dee    from Austin, TX                                                                     
This customer came in complaining about getting her hair cut at another business and continually remarked how they screwed her hair up.  Although one of our master stylist consulted with her prior to cutting her hair, half way through her cut, she decided that it was not what she wanted and that "she could do a better job herself".  The stylist asked her specifically what made her unhappy, what did she want, where was the issue and the customer told her to hurry up and just be done with it so I can find somebody else to fix it.  So she is on her journey for a third stylist.  This customer is extremely rude to others.  The stylist in question is extremely professional and very understanding.  She is not the aggressive type.  This customer felt like she could brow beat her and demean her to get free service as well.  Don't recommend this customer to anyone.

Mary Armet 3404 Victoria Dr Guard Hill Manor Mt Kisco NY 10549
Customer called for service on their washing machine. Customer stated that they had a leaking hose. We replaced the hose the same day. Customer stopped credit card a month later and would not return calls to our office. Just to let others know that this customer does not want to pay for service and I\'m sure they have done this before.

Kim Alving, 111 Thunder Road, Sudbury MA 01776
We are a general contracting company hired by Kim Alving to replace his large roof, install new gutters and install skylights. He was apprehensive about giving a deposit, so we let it slide with the agreed upon, reasonable expectation, that he would pay the full balance upon completion of the job. We completed the job and he began delaying payment and suggesting that we wouldn\'t be able to provide him with the 50 year roof warranty, finally demanding we purchase the warranty and give it to him before he would pay for the job. My office explained the process to him, letting him know that once the job is paid in full, we would register the warranty and the manufacturer would mail the warranty packet to him directly. He continued to demand the warranty before he would pay us. We had the supplier and the manufacturer contact him explaining that the process is what it is, in order to protect the contractor from customers who do not pay. We even posed a question to help him understand: Would he request a warranty on a new computer if he didn\'t pay for it yet? Of course not. He completely disregarded anyone who tried to explain this to him. Our company has an A+ rating with the BBB, has an excellent rating with Angie\'s List, and we have great reviews on various social media outlets. That is why he hired us. For him to suggest we wouldn\'t be able to give him the warranty was clearly a stall tactic to further delay paying us. In the end (to avoid the time it would take to go to court) we ended up registering his warranty and he paid 3/4 of the total he owed and held back 1/4 until he actually receives the warranty packet, in hand from the manufacturer. We have yet to get our final payment. This customer lied repeatedly to various people throughout this process, to further delay paying us. This is one customer we would never want to work with again. Some things just are not worth the effort & headaches. People like this tend to operate in this manner with anyone they do business with, so beware! It would be nice to think we may save someone else the same frustrating experience we had with this customer.


Blackwell, Janice               879 Eagle Bend Dr., Fountain, CO 80911                         
(See Titus, Janice)

see Flynn,  Teresa


Bledsoe, Christopher M.        261 S. Riverside RD. STE. F, Highland, NY 12528        
This customer is a very dishonest and scheming person. This customer wants work done after 'shop hopping' and will claim he can find work cheaper, but cannot provide paperwork to back his claims, and will want you to cut his bill in half or try to get it for free. He approves work done and then signs for it and claims you fraudulantly charged him for work he approved in the first place. Beware of this customer, he causes trouble and seems to have this intent before he comes into your shop. After the work is done he then stops payment on your check and claims you never completed the work.This customer likes to cause trouble and starts rumors and gossip and slanders owners and their work.

Bilski, Marcin   200 N Dearborn St Unit 2808, Chicago , IL , 60601                           
Its Chargeback Fraud, I guess. Marcin Bilski recieve the item and then use chargeback to get all thier money back and get the item for free. Avoid trading with this scammer!!

Bumann, Justin   2100 S. 12th St #202 Bizmarck, ND 58504                                         
Customer placed an order totaling $162.86 which shipped out within 2 days.  As soon as he received the shipping email he disputed the charge and the merchandise was returned damaged with an item missing.  We purchased the product for him, shipped it via Express Mail and then only received some of the merchandise back and the rest damaged.

Becker, Pat & Marzena (Peggy) - Baton Rouge LA                                                      
Peggy (we now think "Marzena") Becker came to our LIVE CHAT area on 2/28/11 requesting information about a particular photo album.  She gave our online rep a model # and mfr name.
Chat time:    Started: 28 Feb 2011 13:59:29     Finished: 28 Feb 2011 14:54:07
She insisted she had the right #.  Our rep told her it didn't exist on our system, certainly "could" be right but not on our files - and she gave her possibilities based upon a change of 1 digit in the #.
"Peggy" refused to click any links to check possible suggestions - just kept telling our rep to "find it and send one" (not a quote; drilled down from 20 minutes of back/forth).
"Peggy" suggested that WE make some phone calls to manufacturers and find out what she wanted. Rest of dialogue is all as if our rep is her personal assistant.  At this point, our online rep wished her well and refused to continue.
Ok - - time lost, no sale coming.
But later that day the husband posted portions of the chat (left out the almost 1 hour timing as well as his wife's ramblings) and negative negative in various places on the internet.
In confronting him via email, he said "sorry, but all i care about is that my wife - who had a stroke last year - gets her album.  She now did get it (the # we suggested of course) from another retailer - so deal with it".
Yes - you got that right - he admits at this point that his wife had a stroke last year that impairs her communication ability.  Yet he STILL went out of his to make posts.
(We leave it to you to judge his his mental state)
In over 4 weeks of emails to him begging him to remove his vile postings, he suggests "learn to live with it".
I don't think this couple are especially evil - but they are most blatantly not nice citizens of the web and (unfortunately for the wife) should be avoided as they will be the first to make public judgments when you don't do their "bid and call" like a slave.

Bernardino, Tina        Hayward CA                                                                          
Customer called to order a dress for her daughters prom.  After several hours on the phone with her we FINALLY ordered the dress charged the card and waited for the dress to arrive.  It arrived and the customer refused merchandise that she KNEW was non-returnable.  She argued that the dress was not the right color.  I called the dress company to let them know and they said it was prob her monitor resolution that made the color appear different.  I call the customer and let her know that there was no way the company would take the dress back.  She threatened to dispute the charges and I told her there was NOTHING i could do to help her.  She wanted to order yet ANOTHER dress and just swap her credit around. I told he NO we would not order anything else for her since she was refusing the first item.  She tried to sneak above my head and ask my boss...who told her the SAME THING..then she disputed the charges with her bank to no avail ( we offered her a full store credit OR A refund of the amount less a small restocking fee of $35) since we tried to resolve the issue with her her bank would not let her dispute the charge.  We ended up refunding her the amount less the restocking fee and she even argued that.  She continually lied about who she talked to and who said what. She even lied to her bank and said I told her to disputed the charges which lame because I was not even working the day she came in.  Overall she wasted hours of my time and her response to all this (even after getting the refund) was that she was going to write a bad review..she has made several 'threats' against our store so don't expect her to behave like an adult at all.  This kind of childish behavior I would wxpect from her daughter not a full grown adult. 

Boehm, Erin                                                                                                                                               
The homeowner signed an agreement with our company.  Our service reps performed the work as agreed by the customer.  Now, the customer will not commit to their obligation because they are trying to profit from an insurance claim.  They have threatened action to the BBB and to a local news station in hopes that the negative publicity will scare us into caving into thier terrorist like behavior.

Brown, Sandra F.     2920 Bonne Vista Drive, Colorado Springs, CO 80906                                                 

This woman is a piece of work; selfish and self centered ... the world revolves around her and you better know it. Good luck if you agree to do work for her, she will act nice at the begining but she will turn on you very quickly. Also watch out because she will have her husband Erik call and set things up for her. He will sound nice but he has no say when push comes to shove .. you will be working for her ans she  is NASTY!  
 She is on our pemanant blacklist, we will never  even consider doing work for her again. I would not be surprised if she has gone through the gamit of other companies in our industry here in our city.  Contractors beware .. you will be sorry if you take her on as a client.

Barsh, Shirley        3000 woodworth pl hazel crest il 60429                                                                            

She likes to call multiple tow truck companies at the same time and give whoever gets there first the business.
Don't waste your time.  Leave this customer sitting on the side of the road.  Otherwise, get there in 5 minutes or she won't pay you for wasting your time.

Bevard, Cathy           4350 Camp Kaufmann Rd. Huntingtown, MD 20639                                                     
Mrs. Brevards Husband ordered a driveway alarm from us and stated it did not work as advertised. We called the manufacturer to discuss options to correct the problem. He was not happy with the options . Just wanted his money back. No problem - arrangements were made to pickup the product and issue a refund. He attitude appeared to be nast and threatening. He stated that if he did not get a refund and have the alarm picked up at our expense my place of business " was not that far to to go ". The refund was isssued; called Cathy Brevard to inform her of the refund being isssued & she was surprised as the driveway alarm was working. After discussing this with the manufacturer, they stated the husband was not wearing his glasses when he was setting the driveway alarm settings. Essentially he received a working driveway alarm for FREE ! and never admitted he was the problem not the alarm . Avoid this customer

Brown, Kim            302 Chestnut Oak, Mandeville, LA 70448                                                                      
Refused to pay for services. Customer claims husband is dying to get lowest price possible. Felt bad and tried to help with the lowest price I could give then got finished with the job and she refused to pay for services, called me an ass and said she would report me to the bbb. Thanks

Jennifer Botelho, 5070 Sixth Line, Hornby, Ontario, Canada L0P1E0,                                                          
kaiden3737@hotmail.com, 416-828-4647
Jennifer Botelho is an online credit card and mail fraudster. Jennifer Botelho made a purchase on poshmoda.bz of totaling over $330.17 on December 2011, and has filed chargeback claiming she didn't make the purchase, yet, the package was signed by J. Botelho at her shipping address with delivery proof. After getting caught on her scam, she refuses to answer her phone and email, simply disappeared with the handbags and the money. We warn anyone doing business with Jennifer Botelho, she is a dishonest thief who committed credit card fraud and mail fraud online and will do it again.

Richard Bergeron, 36 melissa crt, #6 Brampton Country, Ontario, CA, l6x4x1,                                              

harris.renos@yahoo.com , 647-524-1075
Richard Bergeron is an online credit card and mail fraudster. Richard Bergeron made a purchase on poshmoda.bz of totaling over $551.81 on November 2011, and has filed chargeback claiming he didn't make the purchase, yet, the package was signed by R.Bergeron at his shipping address with delivery proof. After getting caught on his scam, he refuses to answer his phone and email, simply disappeared with the handbags and the money. We warn anyone doing business with Richard Bergeron, he is a dishonest thief who committed credit card fraud and mail fraud online and will do it again.

Alexa Bird, 52 Mulberry Ct, Dover, PA                                                                                                          
Customer wanted a huge list of small repairs and upgrades done to her home but only allowed crews in two days a week for limited hours then complained it wasn\'t getting done fast enough.  Client kept adding projects to the list and still denied crews access to the home.  She finally allowed them in during NIGHT hours.  Client does not speak fluent English and there was a constant misunderstanding about services and how long they would take.  Client was verbally abusive to crews while they were working and called our home at all hours of the day and night with requests for additional work or questions.  Customer\'s husband even apologized for her behavior and said he knew she was crazy.  When final bill was totaled it was paid in full but then client went to great lengths to trash us online and with the bbb demanding a refund.  Clients house was filthy--to the point crews had to actually clean it before being able to do work.  Client was not issued a refund.  She is impossible to work for.  Avoid her at all costs.

Jema Birkmeyer  Upper East side NYC
We provide services to Ms. Birkmeyer and she refused to pay her bills, this happened many times over several months, she threatened us with defaming our business, she is a dangerous customer, who uses the internet to avaoid her obligations

Charles Boehm           3793 Hermes Drive, 45247
We are a residential and small commercial flatwork concrete company, family-owned and operated for over 28 years. We were hired by Charles Boehm of 3793 Hermes Drive, 45247, on October 23,2012 to replace his porch and the sidewalk leading to it. We completed the work as per contract, even agreed to by Charles Boehm, yet he will not pay. We regularly request payment and he makes excuses about perfectness of the work to not pay.  A passerby thought we were crazy to ask if the porch was good enough! We did go out when he first complained to see what was needing repair, and made a small adjustment, but this did not satisfy him. We find no problem with this work. As concrete is expensive, we cannot eat this cost. He signed the proposal, agreed we followed every word of the signed document, yet still withholds any payment.  He did invite me to bring in yet more trucks to rip out our work for free at his convenience when the weather got nice!!!
When I came out to inquire as to the problem, he told me the window guys just came out to fix their windows and gave him some free work.  I understand he\'s gone through several concrete companies as well. Hope all these victim companies report here too!

Karen and Erik Berggren, 30122 Pinecrest Dr, Evergreen, CO 80439
If you choose to do work for them then beware. We were hired by Karen to provide services for them at the above address and then they disputed the charge. The property was for sale and we only finally got paid when we called the real estate agent and told them that because we had provided services on the property and were not paid we would file a lien on the property. The agent saw to it that we got paid but if it had been left to Erik Berggrenn  they would have screwed us. If you choose to do business with them then best of luck!

Anne Berardini 5060 E Cherry Creek Dr Denver CO 80246
We provided service to this customer for a drywall repair and she signed off saying the work was done satisfactorily.   We went out again on 1/13/2017 for a caulking warranty and again she signed it was done well.  This was after cursing at several people and making our craftsmen feel extremely uncomfortable working in her home.   On 1/23/2017 she called and yelled about texture--after she had painted it, one month after the service was complete.   We told her that she altered our work but we would still help her out if she would sand the paint off she put on the wall.   We have her on recording agreeing to this.   Spraying texture over new paint is not the recommended way to fix a texture problem.   She took a trip to home depot and asked a paint department worker about this issue and they said we could spray the texture on over the paint.  Sure, we can, but it\'s not right and this lady is so mean and rude we just want to do it correctly and move on with our lives. So, after reaching a compromise on 1/23/2017 after we recorded her agreeing to the terms, she called and said we needed to just spray it over the top and began cursing and threatening us like she always does.  This lady is mean, rude, and expects you to do whatever she wants because of her fear tactics.   Everyday she is a different person and you will be happier just declining and work for her.  


Catalano, Anthony      73 Dalemere Road, Staten Island, NY 10304                
Customer wrote: As I understand the UPS Tracking site, the delivery date has been "revised" so that my order will now be delivered on March 1, 2010--SIX days after you printed and shipped it. How is it possible that you would continue to use such inept service? Does it really take six days to ship this order? The USPS could ship it cheaper AND in less time. Why would your company pay MORE for UPS "service"? This is really unacceptable. And I realize that you offered other shipping options at a higher cost. What you did not make clear, however, is that it could take six days to ship sixty invitations within the continental US.

When we responded that we give estimated ship dates, not delivery dates and that it does take 6 days for UPS to drive from Califoria to New York, "he" blew this up into he wanted "My order is 100% free of charge including shipping, in a small token of how poorly my family has been treated by your company. If I have to pay anything for this order, in addition to the steps I previously outlined, you will be hearing from both the Human Rights Commission, the Empire State Pride Agenda, and my lawyer in California, whose name is David Shapiro. He is based in San Diego."

Chambers, Ron  2602 Forest Springs Dr. Warren, OH 44484                                    
Customer ordered from our website, and though rare, the cart failed to calculate shipping. I calculated shipping and sent him an updated invoice to approve. As he specified a deadline date in his original  order, we went ahead and shipped the items in good faith (and I figured I'd just eat the shipping cost if he didn't approve it) - "just  good business" kind of thing. He has a floral shop, after all - potential for residual purchases. In the end, he did approve it, but unfortunately his card declined and we'd already shipped the order. Numerous attempts at contact have gone unanswered, emails bounce back  and card continued to decline. lesson learned for me, but perhaps the next guy will know better.

Coke, Caleb    Seattle WA
Performed a service for the customer at a very good price.  Customer complained that they thought that the rate should be half.  Customer even said that they tried to do the work themselves and couldn't.  argued over $160.00 for a plumbing service call.  do not service this customer.

Conway - Patrick, Miya     New Castle, DE                                                   
Bounced 2 checks totaling $2000.00 and has made no effort to make good for this.  DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH FOR ANY REASON WHAT SO EVER!

Cockrell, Barbara M      414 Link Road, Yorktown, VA ,23692                    
All online sellers beware of this lady. She orders off line, and when she gets the item, and decides she doesn't like it, she claims its damaged, but refuses to provide an proof, or follow any procedures for returning an item. She just states she wants it picked up, or she'll file a complaint with the BBB, call her credit card company, and file a lawsuit. We've had the item picked up, only to find out there's nothing wrong with it, and the kicker is, she calls the credit card company to cancel the purchase before we can issue a refund less any restocking fees as stated in our policies. She has gotten us 2 times on 2 different websites. A buddy of mine who also sells online, has told me she's gotten him too.  Now that name is etched in our memories. Sellers Beware!!!

Cohen, Ian                  4309 Cedar Valley Dr Plano TX                                                   
Customer asked us to fix a dryer in his rental property. He never paid us for the work. He owes us $60 and it's  not enough to go through the hassle of filing a lien.

Doina Cocos, 14350 60th st north, suite 20462, clearwater, Florida, US 33760,                    
shopping.planet@yahoo.com, 8184358412
Doina Cocos is an online credit card and mail fraudster. Doina Cocos made a purchase on poshmoda.bz of totaling over $506.45 on December 2011, and has filed chargeback claiming she didn't make the purchase, yet, the package was signed by Doina Cocos at her shipping address with delivery proof. After getting caught on her scam, she refuses to answer her phone and email, simply disappeared with the handbags and the money. We warn anyone doing business with Doina Cocos, she is a dishonest thief who committed credit card fraud and mail fraud online and will do it again.

Zong Chu and JINXIU LIU  China Lee Restaurant 3815 DAYTON BLVD CHATTANOOGA, TN 37415 USA          

Zong Chu is a online credit card and mail fraud scammer. He and his partner JINXIU LIU have made two purchases on poshmoda.bz of totaling over $1000, and has filed chargeback claiming they didn't make the purchase, yet, the packages were both delivered to their China Lee Restaurant with delivery proof. After getting caught on their scam, they refuse to answer their phones and emails, simply disappeared with the products and the money. We warn anyone doing business with them, they are dishonest customers who aim to rip off other people

Camesha Campbell                   907 Springwood Dr,   Jacksonville,  NC                                                    

This customer will try and get you to do added work that\'s not on the contract, if you should ever do anything for her be sure to detail the contract real good with everything, I painted her home and took the blinds down 5 in all and 3 were broken I asked her if she wanted them back up she say no she would take care of that and then I told her that after painting I will change to filter if she got me one and she now says I told her I would buy it and put it in. Now she wants the blinds up and says I broke them. She is a very rude person and will try to get more then she pays for.

Katie Cella                         Camden, NJ
This customer visited our store and requested information from our company regarding ordering bridesmaid dresses and how to determine the correct sizes. She then proceeded to mis-communicate it to her bridal party, who all ordered the incorrect sizes. She then posted a review on a website stating that we provided her with false information and would not accept responsibility for the error. We confirmed with her bridesmaid how the sizes were determined and were able to verify that this person did not follow the instructions that were provided.

John Cianci 2870 Utica St, CO, Denver, US,  80212
This customer purchased a coupon for window cleaning services from my company.  When he scheduled the services, he told us he wouldn\'t be there, but his friend would let us in to both houses and have a blank check ready for us so he could pay the invoice immediately.  His friend didn\'t have a check or pay us, so we immediately emailed invoices for both homes to John.  He never responded or paid the invoices, and I emailed him invoices numerous times. 

I finally called him last week and he stated he was upset about the price, however he never called me or said anything until he bill was severely past due.  Customers who have an invoice issue and never call usually intend to not pay their bill, and this guy has told me the checks have already been mailed, except that I haven\'t received them. We don\'t start any work until the customer agrees to the price, and his friend agreed.

Today I called him to see where these mysterious checks are, and he was rude and abrupt, telling me I had no signature on anything (not relevant as he will find in court), and that I should do whatever I need to to collect the payment at this point.  I have been very nice and not even charged him late fees, and he is simply rude and doesn\'t seem to care about getting sued.  DO NOT HIRE this customer unless you can afford to give your services away for free.

Ken Courtney 111 E. 14th Ave. New York, New York 10003
I am a computer repair business in Maui HI.  This guy called me and said his computer was crashing on a regular basis.  He brought it to me and I discovered that it was overheating due to a dirty heatsink inside the machine.  I completely disassembled the machine and cleaned it.  It then ran fine. Ken Courtney was a tourist from New York.  He remained on Maui for at least 3 weeks after I repaired the machine.  When he got back to New York he disputed the charge claiming \"not as described\".  This is the number one thing you can say to a CC company to get them to do a chargeback.  It is not possible for the merchant to fight this claim no matter what.  It is the most ridiculous claim that can be made because it simply screws the merchant.  I learned this from my CC processor who told me that I could take it to arbitration but I would probably lose and would have to pay an additional $500. THAT IS FLAT OUT WRONG, DISHONEST, IMMORAL, AND CRIMINAL ON THE PART OF VISA/MC.  WHAT A RACKET!!!  Scumbags like this need to be blacklisted at the least.  Preferably flogged. Ken Courtney owns justanotherrichkid.com.  Does that tell you any more about this POS?   

Abraham Cancel,    Columbus, OH
We are an electrical and plumbing repair shop. Mr. AbrahamCanc called us to truoble shoot and repair his point of use hot water heater. Just as Ihad finished the first call, I told him I was on the way to his house. My window was between 11:00 am and 1:00 pm tivartive he canceled . its nitcsobeasy to fill the gap in that I had turned down another call to keep him on the schedule. My guess us he didbtvteally have a job at all. Just wanted to run up my costs

Gascove Cherious, 3-13677 Notre  Montreal QC H1A1T1 Canada  (428) 839-5837
My company sells African Apparel.  This costumer ordered $250 of items from my store on January 2nd 2017 and disputed it with his credit card company on January 18th, 2017 only after emailing me to be sure the items were shipped.  CHARGEBACK FRAUD!


Dambrosio,  Susan  & Vince        16 Fritz Drive Sayville NJ 08872                    


Davis, James         130 E. North Camano Dr                                                                
This customer has come to my shop 2 previous times in the last 3  years, when he brought his car in for the third time (A simple drain  and fill of his transmission) we found his transmission case had been  cracked and an epoxy like substance had been applied in an effort to fix the leak. Since the customer was out of the shop at the time, we  finished the service and left the car in the air so we could show him  what we had found.. When Mr. Davis returned to the shop and was shown the damage we  found he went ballistic! He immediately began  with accusations of  sabotage, saying we must have damaged his transmission, etc. The  customer was not given an estimate of costs  to fix his transmission  because after witnessing his behaviour in the shop I did not want his  business.. Since this time Mr. Davis has sued  us, and due to the ignorance of the  judge, was awared a percentage of  the $4,000.00 he was demanding.  After this experience I went sofar as to offer a complete rebuild on his  transmission at no charge, of course it  wasn't about the transmission,  it was about money. You see I have found out that Mr. Davis is out of  work and having some serious financial problems. If his real concern was  the dependability of his transmission, I would think the free rebuild offer  would have been of  interest, but that is not the case. Mr. Davis is now  blogging every website that will listen, telling his tale of pain and  suffering and how his transmission is no longer dependable. He has  further contacted our state AG's office, BBB, and as I said, every  website that will  let him vent his spleen. This man is a walking scam artist, looking  for any deep pocket he  can find to help him make ends meet. His vindictive nature and willingness to lie under oath make him a retailers worst nightmare!

Dowell , Dr. Richard and his wife Julie K Dowell (a.k.a. Julie K Patterson)                   
Richard Dowell is also a doctor in Iowa (OB BYN Doctor) and his wife Julie is just one skilled liar. They built pretty expensive house is Elkhart, Iowa and after about a year battle with their builder and 99% finished house, they had foreclosure and still owe almost $50K to our company and God knows how much they owe to other hard working contractors that worked on their house and being promised that they will get paid. The worst player in this rip off by this doctor and his con wife, is also their bank; WACHOVIA, which let them stay in the house and sold house to them after foreclosure and then took it from them again. Nobody got paid, and I am sure these two are making pretty good money and they will try to robb contractors again by just building another house.

Davis, Darius    919 Short Street, Morgan City, LA, 70380-2924                 
EBay Sellers beware! This customer is a piece of work! Email address: mocitybigdogg@yahoo.com Ebay ID: db103*z
This buyer bought a cylinder head from us, We shipped it to him. He got it and writes us an emailing saying that he screwed up and purchased the wrong item. That was fine we just told him to send it back and we would give him an item refund, We couldn't refund his shipping cost to him because we sent him exactly what he ordered. This thing weighs about 55lbs and shipped from NY is expensive! He was fine with that and sent it back, When we got it back we sent him a refund minus the shipping to him. He freaked out started crying and opened up a paypal case and a ebay case! On top of leaving us a negative feedback, Because the Cylinder head that just got pulled out of a car had some oil on it. Hes clearly afraid to get his hands dirty. As always ebay sides with the buyer and gives him a whole other refund so now he has two refunds! We open up a paypal case trying to get the first refund back. Hes sees that and starts going off on how were a bad business and he should keep both the refunds! Why should he have double the refund back?! So just a heads up to all car business's out there watch out this guy doesn't know how to order parts and if you send him the wrong item will start balling like a baby and get double the money back! SELLER BEWARE!

Danilov,  Alexandre and Julia                                                                   
Products were ordered through Paypal, shipped and delivered. Customer did a chargeback claiming never received goods. USPS provided POD, customer is plain thief-  Alexandr Danilov/ Julie Daniloff       Chkalova street 31 11      Omsk 644024      RUSSIA  
E-Mail: juliesophie@mail.ru

Monette Dubin, Los Angeles, CA
Our team went to Monette\'s house to install landscape lights. Before the installation we showed her the lights we we were going to install, she said ok. Our team started the install. During the install our team called me saying she was yelling because she couldn\'t get her gate open. Completely not related to to our work. Our team finished installing the lights. Then I get a call from Monette Dubin saying that she changed her mind and wanted the lughts removed and to give her all of her money back. She sent an email stating that she wanted me to give her a cashier check and then she would give me the the materials 15 days after the cashier check cleared. After I rejected that solution she sent me to small claims court. I am not the first contractor she has done this to. Contractor beware.

Samantha Deprima, 9360 Lark Sparrow Trail, Highlands Ranch, CO 80126
We are a local cleaning service and provided cleaning services for this woman and she paid us with a credit card and then promptly disputed the charge. We provide a service garantee and take care of any issues that a customer may have with our cleaning but she never even contacted us. It was obvious to us that she just wanted to get the cleaning for free and thought she could get away with getting the service and then disputing the charge. We challenged the dispute and won the case because we documented everything, but this cost us time and money to handle the dispute which we never recovered from her. Businesses beware this person is dishonest and we have blacklisted her and  will never do business with her again. If you do choose to do business with her then insist on cash so that she does not try rip you off.

Vivian Derienzo 2632 Harvesting Green Dr. Florence s.c.
We are general contractors. We were hired to paint a pergola. This was a one day job. When we completed the job the husband of above paid for the work with a check and walked us to our cars. We were contacted the next day with complaints about the job. We were asked to come fix two things that we didn\'t even touch. She then placed a stop payment on the check and refuses to pay for the job.


Thomas Ellis 19615 Star Island Dr Boca Raton, FL 33498
We are a residential cleaning service with a 98% customer satisfaction rate over the last 7 years.  We have A rating on google, home advisor, angies etc.  This customer threatened and then gave me a bad review on Angies.  We spilled a tiny bit of bleach on his carpet in a master bathroom and paid 2/3 cost to replace it ($436) with new carpet which he said he was happy about.  Then he wanted us to also pay to replace his bedroom carpet (more than $1500) because he wanted the carpets to match.  While on the quote he told me he was suing people that he had no business suing.  This guys is unscrupulous.  Stay away from him. 


Teresa Flynn                 4905 N 30th St, Colorado Springs, CO                                           
 & Shad Beaver
Details of this issue/complaint on file. The merchant chose not to publish  the details but  will not do business with the above
person again because of this issue. The company involved id a maid service / house cleaning company.

Julie Fuller               Orlando, Florida 32805                                                  
Customer Julie Fuller is a scam artist. She goes into businesses and either buys or uses the services, then demands her money back. She is loud, rude and an awful human being to deal with. She is so offensive that other cutomers have called to complain about her even being in the store. Examples of her behavior: Screaming in the store, cursing at employees, compaining about every single thing, and bullying other people. She thinks nothing of holding upa line full of people while she screams at someone for something that is not the businesses fault. She used our service for a month, every single day, then called to complain and get her money back. Since she has done this before, we refused. She said she is going to dispute the charge. Well, we have her original Visa charge, signature, her release she signed, a computer log of the days she came in plus we also have four employees and two customers who wrote statements about her being in there daily and being abusive.  Credit Card companies need to know they are footin the bill for this person to get services and bills fraudulently. Most people pay their bills, shoudln't she? Or should the credit card companies pay for her to do things she wants to do? I am reporting her to several credit card companies and credit reporting companies. From what I gather, she has done this before many times, so at the least her credit card will be taken away- at the most she can be charged with a crime for fraudulent chargebacks.

FormaTech, Inc.                   California                                              
They talk a good game.  They will let you know they are doing a fantastic business, with lots of jobs.  The problem I am having is they don't have the finances to pay for the jobs they want done.  I have over 20k of business that has not been settled with FormaTech, Inc.  We did the jobs for them in March 2010, and almost three months later, we have not received any payment from them.  They are scheduled as a NET 30 customer.  I will always require at least 75% upfront payment from them for jobs in the future.

Barbara Fleming,     420 hwy 431 s lot 514                                        
Mrs. Flemming called a head and made a reservation with us the day before she came in. Told us she had a doctors appointment and didn't wanna have to drive that early in the morning to get there so we gave her a discount on her rate cause she was going to the hospital near us. The day of her reservation she called us 3 hours before check in time and asked if there was anyway she could check in early cause she was out in the parking lot. Since the room was ready we went a head and checked her I early. Upon check inn she asked about our special we were having that we have displayed out front on a big sign. We informed her that was for a different kind of room than what she had requested and that is why she was not getting that rate. And she was really nice about it and said oh ok and went to her room. We herd from her and her husband only once while she was here that night and that was to ask the wifi password which we gave her. Then in the morning she checked out and all she said was she had to go home her doctors appointment was canceled and something about her computer battery dying. We assumed she had a nice time since she didn't complain or anything but about an hour later she posted a bad review saying that our wifi didn't work that the room was filthy and that her phone in her room didn't work. We called Mrs. Fleming and asked her if she was having so many issues why didn't she tell us and why did she even stay in the room if it was filthy? She said she was slightly frustrated cause her doctors appointment was canceled and cause her battery had died on her lab top while she was using our wifi.  She then told us she shouldn't of had to tell us anything wrong with the room should have been inspected before she had gotten there and we should of had everything ready for them. We again asked her why didn't you tell us you were having issues we could of moved you or refunded you and let you go somewhere else and that's when she got agitated and and said she was to tired that night. She has since then posted bad reviews on different sites and called corporate trying to get a refund. So she is no longer welcome in our hotel. I still don't understand why should would of stayed in the room if it was as dirty and filthy as she said it was.

Justin Frame,                       Charleston, WV                                      
Brought his classic truck to be painted, the truck was full of rust and rust holes. He did not want anything fixed, just paint. After looking it over and taking it home, a few weeks pass and he didn\'t like one of the doors because it showed the rust bumps under it.
We painted a new door for him to pick up, but he did not want to bring the truck back so we could match the paint. He took the door and promised to pay by paypal. He has never paid, stating the color is different, but we told him this could happen since we don\'t have the rest of the truck to match with.
We have since found that he sells stuff on forums and has been kicked off several forums, due to his buying and selling practices.

Travis Foreman,                  748 Kome Dr,   Diamondhead,   MS 39525                       
This customer is trouble for all. Customer ordered a go cart got it in perfect working order. He contacted us in late December and said he could not find his MSO. The MSO are sent with unit. He then called us 12 times, verbally abused my staff, threatened my staff, used foul language. He was told the 1st time he called it would take 3 to 4 weeks to get him a duplicate MSO and title and he was told the same thing the 12th time he called. He has received the documents now, however he then goes on all the complaint sites and files false reports to try and hurt your business. To all businesses, stay away from this guy, he is nothing but trouble and grief.

Anna Feemster                  2 Scotch Heather, Littleton, CO 80127                        
I bought an existing window cleaning company.  I went to clean windows at this previous customer\'s home based on the work order notes form the past.  We were to charge her $200 to clean her outside windows.  When we arrived she insisted that we always had cleaned the inside, even though our notes and price only equated to the outside work.  She got angry and called us thieves and scammers, but then she checked her bank records and realized she paid us for the outside cleaning, then paid the technician a separate check direclty to him for the inside cleaning. I was happy to do in and out for the right price, but rather than continue to use our service, she decided we were too expensive (even though we were only trying to collect the same amount she had paid the previous 2 years).  Now she is posting defamatory reviews about my company even though she admits I am right. If you hire this lady, she will scam you and try to pay for part of the work directly to your employee, and if you try to do anything about it, she will post defamatory reviews about your company. I am starting a lawsuit against her today.

Cheryl Fay, 1811 Beverly Avenue, Spring Lake, NJ 07762
7/8/13 Order canceled and totals adjusted to -0-. Customer filed a dispute with Visa claiming the merchandise wasn\'t received, despite the fact she never responded to our emails or paid the shipping due on the purchase after multiple and frequent emails and phone calls that went to voicemail. We assumed the customer was either not home or did not have access to her emails (spam) since 5/19/13 as many customers are traveling during this time of the year. We\'re not going to dispute this claim as customer was obviously dishonest in her reporting and never attempted to contact us again after one email received on 6/17/13 where we reminded her of the shipping charges that remained upaid since early June. She filed the dispute on 6/19/13 after we responded about the past due shipping charges. Our Merchant Services Provider is not holding this claim against us because the processor never sent out the dispute to our mailing address for response. We only found out about this dispute on 7/5/13 because of another unrelated dispute that was filed on 6/28/13. We only just today received notification and the reason the dispute was filed. Again, it\'s the retailers fault the customer did not read the item description, terms of sale or their emails. This customer simply decided not to pay the shipping due on her purchase and filed the dispute to avoid the 15% restocking fee (minimum of $10) that would have been deducted from her refund had she requested a late cancellation. Customer\'s account has been blocked from future purchases. LK

We are a landscape company hired by mr. flinn to do a rear yard renovation in 2006. I think we did a great job but for whatever reason, he left a bad review of us and continues to haunt us with bad reviews on all websites even 10 years later.  Bad human being.


Gorstein, Mitch   73 Stevenson Dr. Marlboro NJ 07746                                  

Gupta, Vipul     1912 W Blackhill Rd. Phoenix, AZ , 85053                           
Customer was remodeling their house, bathrooms, kitchen, etc. New shower, new granite tops and floors.  We were hired to install a body spray spa package in the master shower on Monday.  We were schedule to return on Thursday at 1pm to install the trim and to install the faucets for the sinks and master tub.  The granite company did not complete their tasks ontime and we were called off of the job Thursday at Noon.  We were booked solid for the remainder of the week and Monday of the following week.  We told the customer that we would try to squeeze them in Monday morning but we were unable too.  We tried to contact the gentelman of the house and his phone went straight to VM, the woman of the house called me and i returned her call promptly.  She stated that she did not know when we were coming so she hired a handy man to install the Kitchen right away so she could do dishes, we informed her we would be ther between 1:30 and 2:30 to install the trim for the shower and the rest of the bathrooms.  We arrived at 2:25, the woman of the house claimed we were late and refused to allow us to do any work stating she was busy and that she would just find another plumber to complete the shower.  So, I submitted the invoice for the work that was completed that Vipul Gupta agreed to the price and payment terms, sherefused to pay.  I only recieved a payment when I promised to put a lien of the property and hold them accountable for lawyer fees if i had to sue them for the money owed.  These were COD customers and they were refuding to pay because they were claiming we were late.  I explained to them that if they wanted to blame anyone blame the granite installers for giving them a completion time that they did not meet.  In the middle of the night i recieved a phone call to the office from Vipul Gupta stating he was going to put a stop payment on the check and he was going to report my unethincal actions to the BBB stating that my technicians forced her to pay.  Vipul Gupta had my company do a $600.00 job with no intent to pay. He scheduled us to come to the house and finish another $300.00- $400.00 worth of more work when he was out of town and instructed his wife not to pay us until he was home.  The customers were aware of the very upfront pricing and terms of payment and still tried to get out of paying the bill.

Gulotty, Robert & Julie  20657 North 56th Ave, Glendale AZ 85308           
DO NOT do business with this customer. She will take advantage of your business, and do not deal with the husband because he has no say in anything. We ended up paying over $1000.00 to move her because she is just down right dirty dealer. If you do service her make sure everything is in writing.

Giantonio, Poly     301 Cheswold Court in Chesterbrook PA                           
Poly Giantonio called our customer service to see about getting a price quote to move her from Malvern Pa at 51 Green Lane to her new residence at 301 Cheswold Court in Chesterbrook PA. Our customer service team went thru the list that she provided us as to what was to be moved in this local move. We gave her the quote of the 4 hour minimum rate that we charge for this move that was $ 475.00 and after that $ 100.00 per hour. She hired us to move her. Our team showed up at her residence on time. she never mentioned that it was at least a 1/4 mile driveway back to the pick up and our truck just couldn't get down the driveway because of low low trees. Our team walked back to the house picked up the shipmernt there and then git the surprise that there was a second pickup location we got there and there was double the amount that was on the list that she told our customer service. we told her that and she agreed to the understanding that the job would take longer. Our team loaded that got to the final delivery location delivered her. She at this time became very drunk and hostile our men finished the job got paid then departed.

The next day we got a call from her stating that our crew had direted her rugs. I couldn't see that happening because of the rug runners that were lai down. We dispatched a rug cleaning service out to her the rugs were it was dirted was cleaned by a professional and before the professional left she commented that the rug was clean and thanked them. We got a call the next day from her threating to sue us because the rugs were still dirty in that area that the rug cleaner cleaned. We called the rug cleaner he mentioned that whatever the stain was it wasn't a dirt stain that in fact it was a red wine stain and there also was rust stains on the rug which appeared to be there for a long time.

Summary: in a nut shell this customer tried to take advantage of us by threatening to sue us and make us pay for a rug cleaning again when the dirt wasn't dirt in fact was a red wine stain that had been there way before we moved her in. She filed a false report on us as well.

Whatever you do don't do business with this person or otherwise she well try to take advantage of your business as well.!! She will dilebertly hide the whole information from you and only tel you a portion.

Gershfield, Lumina Infinite,   executive director of Future Boston Alliance                   
Customer came in with husband and refused to wait for 15 mins for a table of two.  Insisted to be seated on the four-top, after being refused by hostess, customer started yelling at the whole patio area which was full of other customers who also had to wait for tables, and was making a scene.  Also threatened the manager saying that if they don't get seated right away, something bad will happen.

Glenney, Richard, 455 Vinemaple Way, Sedro Woolley, Washington, 98284   
In January of 2011, Mr. Glenney ordered a high end electrical item kit from our online retail store with a cost of $1099.95 dollars and Ms Lyn Rogers name was also on the order. It was shipped to Mr. Glenney c/o Lyn Rogers and delivered by USPS on January 22, with his signature required to accept delivery. -- USPS delivery proof as follows: Label/Receipt Number: 9407 4036 9930 0001 4466 61
Status: Delivered Your item was delivered at 3:13 pm on January 22, 2011 in SEDRO WOOLLEY, WA 98284. The item was signed for by R GLENNEY. --    Mr. Glenney had paid through Paypal service using his credit card.  On April 20, Mr Glenney filed a chargeback with his credit card issuer that he had not received the item and the chargeback resolution was handled by the Paypal service.  We supplied Paypal with the USPS proof of delivery letter and the USPS copy of Mr. Glenney's signature at time of delivery that had been provided to us by the USPS.  Paypal accepted the documentation, but Mr. Glenney counter-claimed and Paypal determined they were unable to dispute the chargeback on our behalf.  Mr. Glenney received his merchandise, and also his money back, amounting to theft of merchandise plus costs involved.   Richard Glenney's additional information to help identify and avoid this customer:  email: rg7646@wavecable.com  phone: 360-595-2380 .  In attempt to collect payment, we have also located a 2nd Address: 5183 School St  Phone: (360) 595-2479 Location: Acme, WA 98220   Mr. Glenney works in retail as a production coordinator at Brooks manufacturing co, in Bellingham Washington.  If doing business with him, accept his payments in cash or money order only.  Lyn Rogers is also from the Bellingham area, last known address is 104 1st St, Blaine, WA 98230. Neither Glenney nor Rogers has any qualms about stealing over $1000 worth of merchandise.

Goel, Shreela                                     Hayward, CA                                                 
Kiran Gulati and family
All other Restaurants be ware of the Shreela Goel Family.  Customer was rude, had "0+" disrespect toward staff.  Was demanding and now threatening to dispute charges of 14 people dining at our establishment calming we overcharged them. These type of customers are truly a shame to their own race and heritage.

Lenora Sue Gompert, P.O. Box 46, Morril, NE. 69358                                             
Customer, signed a agreement, was required to do certian cleanup that is clearly posted on my advertising and the signed agreement, to recieve a refund of a cleanup deposit. Absolutely did not do the cleanup, so no refund. Then later went on Trip Advisor and wrote a scathing list of lies about my business and myself.

Vadim Goldguber / Maksim Goldguber, 444 Avenue X, Apartment 2F, Brooklyn, New York, US 11223,          
maxg1974@yahoo.com, 3474060206

Vadim Goldguber is an online credit card and mail fraudster. Vadim Goldguber with his partner Maksim Goldguber made a purchase on poshmoda.bz of totaling over $191.89 on February 2012 and has filed chargeback claiming they didn't make the purchase, yet, the package was signed by M GOLDGUBER at the shipping address with delivery proof. After getting caught on their scam, they refuse to answer their phones and emails, simply disappeared with the handbags and the money. We warn anyone doing business with them, they are dishonest persons who committed credit card fraud and mail fraud online and will do it again.

Kira Golden,      8378 Upham Way #B-101, Littleton, CO 80128
This woman is crazy. She hired us to do some work for her and when our employees arrived to do the work for her she started screaming at them like she was crazy. Our employees packed up their stuff and left ... we are very happy that we did not do work for her,, we feel like we dodged a bullet here.  We do not want to do business with bullies and abusive people. Good luck if you choose to do anything for her .. you have been warned!

Jeff and Joyce Gruger     3804 Waterside Ct. Addison Tx. 75001
Jeff H. And Joyce Gruger Hired me to make cabinets for there kitchen and bathroom and install granite counter tops( paid half down $7,848.00) and when we finished 98% of the job they started complaining ,about small issues which we had no problem correcting ,every time we come out correct one thing he add on two more , I finally realized that these people just did not want to paid the balance and were giving me the run around , I had a feeling that these people did not had the money when they paid a $7,848.00 deposit on a credit card and also looking at the furniture in this house it look like it came out a garage sale in the 80\'s,I have a lien filed on his home and also we a civil case that filed with the courts , I should had known not to deal with guy after hearing him boast about how he manipulate the state of Tx. to take care of his special needed son. Mr Jeff H. and Joyce Gruger are not to be trusted (they had no intention on paying balance of $7,898.00)


Lynn   1190 Stanton , Colorado Springs, CO 80907                                             
11/12/04 Wrote us a number of bad checks... It took us months to collect the bad checks that she paid us with.. we will not do
business with her again... Company involved is a maid service /house cleaning company

Huerta,  Natalie     2406 Broken Elm Dr, Richmond Texas, 77406             
This women sent me an email requesting a price quote for custom work.  I asked a couple of questions that would help me gather the information needed to provide the quote.  Apparently the customer didn't like hearing that she couldn't afford the custom necklace that wanted.  Upon being notified of this she filed a fraudulent complaint and the funny this is that we never even did business!  I feel this a very problematic consumer and I would highly recommend that all merchants avoid doing business with her.

Helfrich Jr., Pete   3028 Brockport Rd Spencerport, NY 14559                                               
Pete Helfrich is 34 years old and isn't happy unless he has something to complain about. He bought a 2005 Honda Element and claims it is a lemon when in fact it isn't.  He has made life miserable for the dealership he bought it from. He has also made people's life miserable from American Honda too.  If Pete doesn't get his way, he will harass and taunt merchants with his video camera and post the videos on youtube, slandering whoever he dealt with and the establishment itself. He also frequents a website called ripoffreport.com and will go to every effort to drag anybody and everybody he encounters through the mud.  Pete also goes to the Attorney General, state senators, consumer protection, BBB.

Helfrich, Pete       PO Box 3553 Pahrump NV 89011                            
This customer came in with a video camera making threats and demands about obtaining copies of his medical records. The above customer/patient has left multiple threats on our answer machines claiming he knows his rights and the laws regarding obtaining copies of his medical records. Mr. Helfrich has gone to extreme lengths to tell us that "he is coming for us Bruce Willis Die Hard style"  In the end everybody in the office including the police officer that took the report laughed at Mr. Helfrich and gave the recording to the officer for evidence.    I had examined the person about mold exposure in which he claims came from an apartment he resided in . I assured him that he did not in fact have black mold poisoning and concurred with the other doctors that he spoke with.   ....  Avoid this person at all costs!!! He will make your life miserable and will go to the ends of the earth and back to slander or discredit your business all over the internet, the BBB, ripoffreport.com, consumer protection, the AMA, the Medical review board, the DA's office and every politician, locally, statewide and nationally.    Avoid him like the plaque.

Helfrich, Pete; Homeless, in care of Paster Chess 4430 Paiute, Pahrump, Nevada 89048          
Mr. Helfrich came to my office in mid January, 2011 with a mold claim regarding exposure in a car that he had purchased.  Over the next 3 weeks, he was in my office daily "assisting" me in the preparation of his Civil Complaint.  Finally, on February 15, 2011, Mr. Helfrich took a printed copy of the draft to add dates, times, etc. in the Complaint so that it could be filed.  Never saw him again. Then, in January, 2012, Mr. Helfrich sends this email out to God and everybody (aproximately 45 names, including politicians, sheriff, etc, and as he apparently has done before), stating that he is bringing a new lawsuit against Nye County and the Sheriff's office because, yep, you got, mold exposure. Apparently he got arrested for slapping around his girlfriend and got to spend some time in our local public housing facility with bars. Anyway, I privately emailed him and reminded him that he had made the same mold exposure claim in my office against a car dealer.  Next thing I know, BAM, a complaint is reported on Rip-Off Report.  So in trying to help this scumbag from getting himself in trouble, he screws my business. So, to my friends out there in Pahrump (and elsewhere), watch out for this scumbag.  He is a piece of crap and squeals like a mouse to get attention.  DO NOT DO ANY BUSINESS WITH THIS GUY.  Sincerely, a concerned business owner who got screwed by this guy.

Hubbard, Mark   2929 SELENA DR APT K151 , Nashville, TN, 37211-2575    
Please keep in mind that our hotel is a economy budget friendly hotel. A Guest checks in using a travelers coupon. The hotel coupon does state at the very bottom, coupon is based on availability, allowing the hotel to accept the coupon if the room is available for discounts. Upon check-in, the guest is greeted with a smile as any other guest would be. This guest however comes in very grumpy, during the check in process, he is already complaining. He didn't like the fact that he was asked for hid Driver's License. Front Desk explained to him that every guest that checks-into this hotel, has to provide a valid Government issued ID of themselves. HE did not like that. Front desk clerk at the very end of the check-in process stated to him that his check out time would be at 11AM. He started to complain that he could read the information displayed on the board and that he did not need a young student to tell him his check out time. Approximately two-hours later, he comes to the front desk and starts to complain about his room. He states that he does not like his room. When the front desk clerk asked him what was wrong with his room, he could not and would not in anyway be specific and state any issues, all he said was he is just not happy. So the front desk clerk stated to him that he would have no problem changing his room for him or possibly checking him out with a refund so he could find a room elsewhere. The guest responds back stating he will just stay the night. Another hour passes, and he asks for a telephone number to the nearest pizza restaurant that delivers. SO the front desk as a courtesy gives him two, one for Papa Johns and one for Pizza hut. He immediately starts to complain and yell at the front desk clerk, stating that he only asked for one, and that he couldn't believe the front desk clerk even has a job at this hotel and cant follow orders. Later on that night, the guest calls back down again, stating he is not happy with the room. He is not complaining to the night auditor is on shift at the time. The night auditor then asks, what problems or issues is he dealing with in the room. Guest replies that he is not happy with the room overall and started to question why the hotel employees are asking for a reason, and that shouldn't be ok that the guest is just not happy? At the very end of his statement, he stated that he will be seeking for compensation at check out. Well the next morning, dealing with the hotel front desk manager, the guest does not state anything wrong with the room, just that he is not happy. When asked why he did not just check out last night, he stated that he was to tired. He then asked for a late check out and a discount on his room. Front desk manager then asked him in confusion, why he wanted to have a late check out and why did he continue to stay in the hotel if he is and was not happy with the hotel in the first place. He then argued back, that he is seeking a full refund now because he is being questioned. The FDM explains to the guest that since he did stay the entire night even though he was offered an option to check out, he can not receive a full refund. The FDM offered $10.00 back and the guest replied that this is not what he was looking for but he will accept this discount. Later that day, the same guest goes and complains to the corporate office of the hotel stating he is no longer happy with the $10.00 discount. He now insists that the hotel refund him all of his money and also purchase him a room at his next hotel that he will be staying at on his next trip. He also said that, he doesnt receive this from the hotel, he threatened to post bad multiple reviews of hotel which would potentially cost the hotel future customers. This man is a complete cheat. The corporate office has records that he has complained like this 17 times in the past year. He is no longer allowed to check in into any Choice Hotels or Wyndham Hotels. This man is a scam artist who tries to get things for free by complaining. He will threaten to dispute the charges on his Southwest Airlines Credit Card or post bad reviews to lure business managers and owners to compensate him. Please keep this mans name listed on your management systems and flag him is a bad guest and cheat!!

Hicks, Jonathan  3952 Jewell Street, unit P-205,  San Diego, CA 92109...Avalon Apartments   
We cleaned his carpet and he bounced the check for $125 and told us numerous times he would deliver cash to my office but never showed up. I gave him the option of paying by credit card but he insisted on delivering cash. After several phone calls, he stopped picking up the phone. Never paid bill.

Hamilton, Samantha        9680 Silverberry, Litteton, CO 80129                               
This woman is a nightmare customer. Acts nice when she first deals with you and then turns on you later. 
We will never do business with her again.   Business involved is a service company.

HOWARD, JOHN      2194 Quail ln, LAKE HAVASU CITY AZ 86403                                                
VERY VERY RUDE GUY. He showed up on our car lot a week after talking to one of the salesman and he was bent out of shape beacuse the car was sold.  No phone call the day he come in nor was there even any deposit or  verble hold on the car. He sent us to the BBB on this and left rude cuss words on our machine. He wants us to pay him $100 for his trouble.  The guy is off his rocker. Very harsh guy. and he sent us to Angies list?  All we did was sell a car. Dont sell anything to this guy. You will regret it for sure.

Hafkamp, Deon     19 Lake Road, Kirstenhof, Cape Town, 021 702 2608, 082 567 1846 
Please be aware of Deon Hafkamp, my car broke down at the beginning of May, & I only got the car back from him, Saturday, 25/06/2011.  When my car broke down there was nothing wrong with the gearbox, & now that car is "repaired", the car is not driveable past 2nd. gear, it an automatic, you can drive the car in 2, but this doesn't help, as an automatic is meant to be driven in drive, I confronted him about the gear box, & his excuse was, "I don't work on gearboxes", what kind of "mechanic" is that?  I also had to pay him in full before he would give me the keys to my car, he also said, " I can't give you the keys to your car, otherwise I won't see you again",  he was even recommended to me, well, I certainly won't be recommending him to anybody else, he is also a very slow worker, & only has 1 staff member working for him.  I now have to take the car to another mechanic which is going to cost me more money.  Please be aware.

Hubert, Gretchen       7762 Bentley Ave, Garden Grove, CA 92841                                    
This customer was provided service and did not pay! My workers cleaned her house on December 20, 2012. She told them what a wonderful job they did. She also told them she was a little short, and could not pay them. I came by the next day, she said she was unhappy with the work and would not pay. Basically, she couldn\'t afford the service, and we got scammed.

Corrine and Russ Hoas, Purcell Cres, Kingston, ON 
These people hired our pet sitting service to look after their birds.  When we went for the initial consultation the birds where flying loose and defecating everywhere.  They even ate on the kitchen table, there was feces on the table as well as on Corrine shirt!  Russ was cooking on the stove with a bird on each shoulder as they flapped their wings and defecated on him.  It was quite the scene!
While pet sitting their 20 some year old son was staying there.  Apparently he wasn\'t capable of looking after the birds.  Corrine left very detailed instructions on how long to heat the baby birds food (baby being 5 months old and still not eating much seed).  She stressed that if the bird eats to fast, his wings will open and he will fall back and choke.  She told me how to handle that if that was the case.  I get a call approximately 3 days into the pet sitting job telling me that the bird was dead.  It was alive when I left so I had no idea how it died.  I told her I felt it wouldn\'t be in my best interest not to go back.  I knew that she would continue to have me go and then somehow blame me for the birds death and not pay.  She begged me to continue keeping in mind the son was still there. Of course that is exactly what happened.  Apparently she claims that the birds nostrils got filled with food from the baby food and it smothered.  How did she know this?  Because they kept the dead bird in the freezer and observed this.  She refused to pay and then when I was going to send it to collections they paid me the amount LESS what the bird cost. 
I contacted a bird \"specialist\" and they said there was no way a bird could die this way so I suspect the weird son did something and blamed me.

Mary Hoffman, 1019 Jamieson Rd, Lutherville, MD 21093
I make custom furniture, and was hired to make a kitchen island to a special size for this customer. part way through, she wanted to add a custom finish (original order was unfinished wood) and customer was told it would add to the completion time, customer responded with no problem, just let me know. Now that original piece is made, she disputed it with paypal, they gave her, her money back and I\'m stuck with an odd sized kitchen island, because she didn\'t want to wait the extra 2 weeks finishing takes. in the time the dispute has been going back and forth, the finish could have been applied and done.

Michelle Hunt 39805 N. Central Ave. Desert Hills, AZ 85086
We are a cosmetics retailer. She came into our store, bought $1680.60 worth of cosmetics, did a chargeback, signed for and received all her products. We lost the chargeback on the \"not as described\" reason code. She has kept all the products and refuses to communicate with us.

Marsha Hyman, Havertown, PA
Customer clearly has a mission to use discounts for businesses and then rate them poorly online. Although the customer complimented the service while here then accepted a free \"new client\" gift she turned around and posted a online review accusing us of antisemitism. Upon investigating the client it was clear that she makes a career of posting reviews no matter how unfounded they may be.  Any service business in the Philadelphia area offering \"groupon\" type discounts, if you see this name lock the doors!!!!


Bob Ives Corey Ives 3138 West 18th Ave Vancouver
Customer Calls us out to repair a defective light fixture, Customer is informed of charges before the work takes place $270.00, customer agrees and goes ahead with the work, we repair the light fixture, follow up call is made to customer to verify everything is working as it should customer (Corey Ives) states all is well no complaints. Bob Ives father of Corey Ives then proceeds to leave a scathing slandering review on a very high profile location on the internet, Google Local, and indicates that we are dishonest, he declares that no one should use our services because he compares us to a competitor that he predicts would have done the job less expensively, accuses us of pricing in a dishonest fashion, and tarnishes our reputation resulting in lost business and monetary damages.  We called Bob and Corey many times to resolve his concern and we tried to explain the value in our services and offer a discount off the customers charges even though we will in fact lose money on his service call, in order to appease the customer and hopefully have the negative comments taken down but to no avail, the defamatory review is still up costing us critical business every moment it is up for public viewing in areas we spend dearly to attract new customers.  I respectfully publicly post this review warn all contractors and business people who may decide to conduct business with Corey and his father Bob Ives to  beware as they are unreasonable and volatile and will pose a threat to your hard earned good will.


Joyner, Brandy Lee 150 Salt Lick Ct. Springtown, Texas 76082                      
Customer rented a bounce house and returned unit 2 days later and explained that there dog had eating several hole into the bounce house.  we explained to them that they were responcible for the repair or replacement cost of the unit. After inspection of the bounce house the unit was unrepairable and would be unsafe to continue using.   We contacted the Ms. Joyner and informed her of the replacemnent cost.  Ms. Joyner would not talk to us about taking care of this issue, We have made several phone calls to her and she will not return calls or make any effort to settle this issue.

Jackson, Sharron       386 Medway, Highland Hts, Ohio                                         
I installed sheet vinyl in this Customer's kitchen. She insisted that I must have cut something in the house and made some dust because her nose was sensitive. She wanted me to pay for the cleaning of all the air ducts, the whole house cleaned and dry cleaning of the coats that were in the closet. Over $1000.00. No matterial was ever cut in the house. It is spring time and pollin is in the air. She also had a dog. When we moved the stove and refrigerator, the floor and walls were cover with black dirt,dust bunnies and dog food. BAD CUSTOMER TO DO WORK.

Janiec, Judith Penney         516 E. Fontanero, Colorado Springs, Colorado                
Do business with these people at your own risk. They make demands that no reasonable business can meet. They would set up service with us and then cancel us at the door. After a number of these incidents we informed them that we did not want to do business with them any longer since they kept canceling at the door. They were offended at that and filed a complaint with the BBB in an attempt to tarnish our excellent reputation. The BBB found in our favor and had no issue with our decision to refuse to do business with them.  These people are nasty, selfish, self-centered unreasonable people, we will NEVER do business with these people ever again.  Good luck to anybody who does!

Johanasson,   Mrs.David R.     Columbus, Ohio                                                     

Mrs. Johhansson called the Shop Iniantially at 05:30 reporting she had lost some power to her house and that the power Compoany had been thier and thier was noting wrong with her lines but she was still partially out. I explained to hewr that waht she was talking about was normally a result of pwoer line failure she instoed that the AEp had been thier and her lines were ok. She Said she did not have enogh money on her debiot card to pay right then but her Husband would be home at 4:30 and she could pay then.  I said we'll come but it with be ealier then 4:30 I called her at 11:00 having lcared the forst call, and drove to her house as she asked me too. When I got thier Efficent Elctirc was working at a nieghbors house, and had found an electric line problem. Mrs David R. Johanasson said you are going to be mad at me, I shouid have lisetedn to that very well, she said that the peobvlem was a line problem as I had told it would be recited out rate to me, and said; I caoupd pay that but they found it oput side and went into her house. I said Mam you owe a service charege you did not canecel and just fifteen minuted ago you ask me to come out-- so I did.

Jin, Jenny               503 SPRUCE ST HAMMOND IN 46324-1529                      
Do NOT accept business from this customer. She ordered a $130 product from our website (so we have record of it); we shipped it (and we have record of delivery); and then she filed a chargeback with her bank. We supplied all information as proof of order and delivery, and the dispute was still found in her favor somehow. So now we are out the money as well as the product. Seller beware.


Keng, Jimmy 4708 Braeburn Drive, Bellaire, Texas, 77401
He is a fraud, he bought a expensive RC car from my store $300 and filed a charge back after a month. I am out of money out product. Please do not fulfill his order. He also has an accomplish - Nguyen Keng from Lawrence MA.

Keller, Karen  528 E. Cherry St., Palmyra, PA  17078        

Customer ordered a custom cover which we built for her and she received. She contacted us to have modifications and further customizations made to the cover. We have a 2 week return policy. FOUR MONTHS LATER she sent the cover back. We made the custom modifications for her (at no cost to her) and mailed the cover back to her (at no cost to her), and she then refused the package. She initiated a chargeback, based on reason code 53, "not as described." We cannot understand how she won this chargeback on that reason when she NEVER EVEN OPENED THE BOX! We spent the time and money to further customize the cover for her at no expense to her, we shipped the cover back to her at no expense to her, all AS SHE REQUESTED and she refused and NEVER EVEN OPENED THE BOX. Unbelievable. This is a bad, dishonest customer and we are sorry we ever agreed to do business with her.

Kemp, Christopher M   5939 Kiam 3C Houston, TX 77007 United States        
Customer ordered a high end item and paid $576.15, which was delivered on time through the US Postal Service with signature confirmation of delivery to his billing address.  After 2 months, customer contacted us to say he did not receive his order.  We obtained his signature confirmation of delivery from the Postal Service and advised him he did receive it and that he signed for the item at his address.  In April, 4 months after the order, customer submitted a chargeback claiming non-receipt.  In response to the chargeback, we provided proof of signature to the credit card provider, and the chargeback was reversed in our favor.  In May, Customer disputed again, repeated his claim of non-receipt, and received his money back. We called his local post office to learn he lives in a gated condominium community, and that the package was delivered to his address and to him directly by his regular carrier, who obtained Mr. Kemp's signature himself.  This further proof that the customer accepted and signed for delivery was not accepted by the credit card processor.
Mr. Kemp has our product and kept his money.  Other information located on the web to help identify this customer before selling to him:
Wife:  Jean Kemp, same address  Last known phone 815-717-8139, 713-449-3149   He works for US Property Management (real estate) in the Houston area and Hilton.  His photo is available on his profile on linkedin to help you identify him by appearance if doing business in his area.  He is in his late 30s as of this date, and has lived at this address for approximately 1 year.  Avoid selling to this customer, as he was not truthful about receiving his order in order to avoid paying for it, and may do so again with other retailers or services.

Deborah and Bryan Kent, Emerson Mill Rd., Hampden, ME 04444                        
We had a verbal agreement to paint the interior of their condo, spur of the moment, hired on a Friday, to be completed by the following Monday.  We completed the job, and when the couple was presented with the bill, they started complaining about everything under the sun.  They have been miserable to deal with, will only communicate with us through long letters mailed to us, and in the end, paid only half their bill and refuse to pay the full amount.  They complained about the final product, which is perfectly done, and feel that the landlord should pay for the other half because of a list of complaints they have about him!  Simply put, they are miserable people, who enjoy making others miserable.  We have heard from others that they have done similar things to them.  My recommendation is STEER CLEAR!!!!!

Mary Korte, 14111 Tiff Trail, Houston TX 77095
We are a residential door company. We were called by Ms. Korte to repair her jambs on her door. I told her about the estimate fee and she agreed. When I sent our serviceman out to her home, the jambs were fine and she needed a t- astrical. We quoted her for the job and when she was made aware of the finish paint needing to be done by someone else she refused to pay estimate fee. she became very upset and on a second attempt to talk to her and she said I should have asked more questions. We feel she should have asked us since that obviously was a concern/need. I feel if finish painting was such a huge concern for her, she should have asked us if we do that type of work. She started using offensive language and we ended the phone call. I just wanted to report her so that no one else has to waste there time, which we all know is very valuable, and on top of that be spoken to in that way, cursing using the f word... etc. Very Rude!


Leon, Greg  2269 Chestnut Street #322, San Francisco, CA 94123                                      
Greg bought a puppy from me, and also ordered some training on this puppy from another business, and required shipping of this puppy. This customer read through, and signed our Puppy Contract prior to purchasing the puppy. Which states that we do not guarantee against parasites, because parasites are extremily common in puppies and dogs. They are even born with worms! We do parasite prevention, to the best of our ability, and according to our vet's reccommadations, but it is almost impossible for a dog or puppy to be 100% parasite free. The puppy arrived with very common parasites, even though she was treated every two weeks of her life! Greg then threatened me, and demanded that I pay his $300 vet bill, which was much higher then an average vet would charge. When I asked Greg for proof of the vet bill, he never provided it to me. When I asked him about some unheard of, questionable complaints, he never answered me. (He said that the puppy had worms in her ears.) We do always put ear mite lotion in every puppies ears before they leave, just as a precaution. It is good stuff, and would kill any type of ear parasite! However, I never heard of worms in a puppy or dog's ears before. I have no proof that anything at all was wrong with this puppy. Greg also went against the contract, which he had signed. This puppy was vet checked, which included her ears being throughly checked, and issued a health certificate prior to leaving SD. Greg first tried to go through paypal to be refunded $300. Paypal sided with me. He then went directly to his credit card, and was refunded the $300.

LIVERMORE,  BARRY    9504 MOHAWK DRIVE, King George VA 22485                

Customer purchased a custom fit item via our website.  The listing mentions that the item requires modification for fit.  Customer could not make it work - asked to return, we issued an RMA and address to return.  First the restocking was an issue, so we waived that.  Next he didn't want to pay to return.  Given the item was clearly listed as custom fit applications, we offered him full reimbursement plus original shipping charges that we incurred sending it out, but since we don't have access to prepaid pickup he still must ship it back.
Customer refused, threatened chargeback.. Terrible to deal with, must just have nothing to do but fight.  I would not deal with this person ever.  If he orders from you, cancel immediately. PS- he digitally signed terms and conditions of sale, which mention the item he has is custom fit, and says no prepaid shipping.  You would have thought he would be happy that we waives restocking and we're going to eat our half of the cost of shipping out to him..

Lonecker-Munz, Cheryl    404 Lincoln Avr E.  Cranford, N.J. 07016                 
Mrs. Munz called for service on her washing machine.  She was given a written estimate and was told it would be a day or two to get the necessary part to complete the repair.  When we returned to complete the repair she stated she would mail a check in.  She never did and all calls to her went ignored.  Subsequent legal action was taken in the form of wage garnishment.

Leon, Susie  3743 S. Canfield Ave unit # 309, Culver City 90034               
This is a steal person. I did a hardwood job over 1400 sqf plus 2 stairs (24 steps total plus 2 resting areas). The previous demolition and fixed up walls, texture and paint on areas close to stairs. In a few words, a flawless job, as the customer said. She gave me some $ and promised to pay the rest after the completion. My fault!!! As soon the job was completed, plus many extras that I never charged her, she said: I am so sorry but I am not paying you more $ because I spent all the $ on the materials" with a straight face !!!! She doesn't answer my phone calls nor txt messages. And beside that the last time she picked up the phone, threatened me.

LANFORD STRUHS, JOSEPH      1791 CYPRUS IN BULLHEAD CITY AZ                           
Sent us to the BBB.  He damaged his truck and wanted us to pay for it.  When I replied to BBB they of course send him the reply.
He sent us a very nasty email and made him mad because we called it the right way.  Please stay away from this guy. If you sell him something you will regret it for sure.

Lourdes, Lecuona   6368 Lambert Ct. Frederick MD                                    
My tech was dispatch on a Frigidaire warranty call for a  refrigerator that was not producing enough ice. Ms. Lourdes was made aware that if this was not a warranty issue she will be charged for the service call. Tech was unable to find a problem with icemaker or unit so he called Frigidaire they ran tech through some test . Frigidaire was unable to find a problem with unit. Tech advised Ms. Lourdes that she would have to pay for the service call fee $69.00. Ms. Lourdes signed the techs work order then wrote out a check and gave to tech . Tech was on his way out when Ms. Lourdes went into a rage and scratched the techs arm till blood was drawn , ripped the check and the work order from tech , then threw the work order back at him keeping the check. The tech called 911, Ms. Lourdes stated to the police that the tech assulted her. Ms. Lourdes is not a person this company will ever do business with aagain. This is a violent person , If you must go into her home take a  witness with you , you are better off avoiding her all together.

Larson, Christina                   Colorado                                                        
Customer was given a estimate that was very detailed, she signed and approved it! when we showed to do the windows she was outraged that we were not doing all her windows for the price quoted. The estimate was very detailed on locations of the windows etc. and a 12 year old could understand it. She stated she is a single mother and didn't have time to go through the estimate and she assumed. It was a difference of thousands of dollars. So there was that which was resolved after a lot of arguing. It has been a schedualing nightmare with her, we left her messages and she would never call back, then turn around and act like it was our fault the job kept being pushed back. She has been rude to all of my office staff and service techs, i had my company put down to my face that we are the worst company she has ever dealt with, she is a liar, and a all around horrible, and not understanding about anything. She has made complaints about things that are not in our control.  Please the list goes on and on with this women and she WILL cost your company money. AVOID HER BUISNESS AT ALL COST YOU WILL NOT REGRET THE LOSS.

Lyons,  Mary        417 Grand Street Apt D1906, New York, NY 10002 phone 212-388-0157                   
This woman buys online and then files a chargeback with American Express. She refuses to return the product and then keeps the money. She knows the game in that American Express will never side with the seller no matter how wrong the card holder is. Do not seel her anything and take a credit card

Katrina Leavitt, 7061 US Highway 50 E, Dayton, NV 89403
Customer placed online merchandise order 6/22/13. Provided a PO Box for delivery. Was contacted on 6/24/12 to obtain a valid physical address since FedEx does not deliver to PO Boxes. After hours on 6/24/13, the customer left a voice mail directing us to just ship to the billing address. The order was updated, however, the customer did not respond to the email requesting this information in writing.   On 6/28/13, after hours again, the customer calling to inquire about the status of her order. On 6/29/13 in the a.m., the customer called three more times, again, just to inquire about the status of her order. We are closed on weekends.  On 7/1/13, the customer was called back. Her husband answered the phone, refused to let us speak to the customer and yelled and screamed at us about how bad our customer service was, that no one had called them back and that their event had passed and that they no longer needed the merchandise. We explained that we have a 7-14 business day shipping window and that his wife had agreed to those terms when the order was placed. The husband became verbally abusive, was shouting and demanded that we refund for the order, even though neither of them had indicated either during the ordering process or in their numerous voicemail messages that a need-by date even existed. Mr. Leavitt stated that because our \"customer service was so poor\" that they had filed a dispute with their credit card company. He then went on to demand again that we refund his card and cancel the order.  An email was sent to the customer explaining that because they had waited past the 72 hour cancellation terms (also agreed to) that a $12.05 fee would be held from the refund. Links were also provided as well an image of the terms agreement \"continue button\" that his wife had agreed to when the order was placed. Customer responded that the order would not have been placed had they know this....... obviously a lie because the order would not have gone through if they had not agreed to the terms first.   Customer\'s husband then emailed and demanded proof that the order had been canceled and agreed in writing to the $12.05 late cancellation fee. We responded by notifying that the refund would occur in 72 hours provided no dispute was actually filed.   On 7/5/13, confirmation was received from our Merchant Services provider that this customer had actually filed a dispute on 6/27/13 before we even received any of their voicemail messages from 6/28/13 or 6/29/13 so it is obviously apparent that this customer simply changed their minds or found the merchandise cheaper somewhere else and decided to lie to Visa and say that the merchandise was not received, even though they did not comply with the terms of sale as outlined during the ordering process and were agreed to when the order was placed. Their account has blocked and marked \"deadbeat\" so that we will know if they should ever try to purchase under this name again.   It\'s bad enough that customer\'s lie to their credit card providers but it is despicable to blame their own ignorance for not reading the terms of sale before agreeing to them. This hurts honest business owners and makes it harder for all customers to do business online. Our safety net that forces customers to agree to our terms of sale was put into place for situations just such as this one........ we hate liars!

Tammy Lee from Hasbrook heights New jersey
Tammy Le arrived  15 min after her massage appointment was to start.  She came in with a voucher of 35 for 89 massage.  She got the remainder of the massage hour and left without  tipping the therapist.  She left a bad yelp review about the therapist who is very experienced and ranks high with her clients.   


Jason Loveridge D, 7219 Getty Close NW, Edmonton, AB, T5T 4L7
I know this is not from US, and not a Canadian website but hopefully from people who are in Canada sees this and never give him business or hire him.  I am a manager working in a motel, and I strongly suggest my fellow Canadians not to hire or give business to this man. Especially if he is going to stay in a motel, or a house. The problem started when he thinks that a week is 10~17 The truth is the 17 is check out date. Checking out in the morning and for most of the motel business their check out time is 11AM.  This guy Jason Loveridge D, who thinks a week from Dec.30,16 ~ Jan.6,17 is a week. The real problem starts here. If he checks out in the morning of Jan.6,17, it is ok, but he stayed late night and he said he is going to check out in Jan.7,17. Which he has to pay for 1 extra night, but he starts arguing that he came in on Dec.30 late night and that should not be counted. I said whenever you check in, it starts from there, 30th and Jan.1,17 CANNOT be counted as 1 day obviously. But his argument point is exactly that I mentioned. Thinking that 23th and 24th should be counted as 1 day.  His argument is so out there on his world that does not make sense but on his own. Don\'t give him business unless you wanna lose money and DO NOT hire him as well when his pipeline job ends.


Mello,  Ana               13771 SW 24th Street, Davie, FL 33325                                                    
17/05/08 Customer hired us for a party. total cost $400.00 with  light rental. The DJ showed and did his duties. The kids
danced and had a great time. Mrs Mello decided to change  the price because he forgot his microphone. She decided
only to pay us $250.00

Miller,  Henry E        16018 Alsace, San Antonio TX 78232-2776        
This customer is using deception to initiate a visa charge back against our merchant account. They are not even willing to return our calls when we attempt to offer a comprise. On September 24 we performed some repairs to the Millers pool. We advised Mr. Miller of several issues regarding the condition pool equipment which he choose not to address he is know claiming that he had tried to contact us repeatedly to resolve these issues and we did not respond. We did not receive any such calls and I have the phone records to prove it. Mr. Miller is using lies and deception to pursue an unjustified charge back through Visa and appartently we as merchants have no re-course 

McGlothin, Julie       Hazelhurst, Mississippi                               
Debbie reported to me that some people staying in cottages 12 and 14 were acting weird. One person, Julie McGlothin, Hazelhurst, Mississippi,  was out digging around a tree stump saying there was a cave under there and it was going to swallow up the cottage. She later said someone had stolen her cymbalta and she needed it bad. She said she could get some from her cousin but she wanted her own back. She was obviously messed up. Later they said the trolling motor was broke on their boat. The prop was missing along with the pin and nut. They left without paying for it. They later called and said their boat would not start. They had taken the gas tanks somewhere to get filled and brought them back with a lot of water in them. I arrived at the dock to find 14 people on the boat and asked them to depart the boat so I could work on it. I changed the tanks and had the boat running before they left the dock area. During first 5-minutes, while I was working on the boat, Julie McGlothin said she wanted her money back,( she did not pay in the first place) she worked for a team of lawyers and she had called them and papers were being served on me right then. She also threatened to write a bad review, call the better business bureau, and she new jujitsu and was going to get me. This was all in 5-minutes. She also ran a tab in the store and bought a shirt and rented a pull tube for the boat which she did not also pay for. They had 14-people and only paid for 4. They left after checkout time on Sunday because Denise Thiomas, 1280 Highway 7 North, Grenada, Mississippi  had to get back to work. Sandra Harvey, 171 Deerfield, CR, Grenada Mississippi was also one of the people. It took 4-people 2-hrs. to clean the cottage # 14. It was completely trashed. We have never seen anything like this in 15 years of business. They are not welcome back here and would suggest any other people dealing with them keep their eyes open. Good luck to this crew. They will need it.

Abraham Mahvavi, 13850 Hopewell Road, Alpharette, GA  30004    
Mr. Mahvavi called us to report that 1 of his 3 HVAC systems was not heating, and that he needed someone right away.  He gave me a bad address for his home (which he said he has lived in for 20 years)and this was our first time servicing this customer.  I explained to Mr. Mahvavi that we would charge him the standard $100 for the trip out there and to diagnose the problem with his unit, which he verbally agreed to pay, and even said that we were cheap.  Also while on the phone, I told the customer I needed to contact my tech to get a good ETA, and that I would call him right back when I knew more.  My tech said he could be there in under 1 hour, and he was dispatched to Mr. Mahvavi's home right away.  I called the customer back and confirmed that our tech would be there in under 1 hour, and got a better address from his wife.  When our tech arrived, Mr. Mahvavi had several other HVAC companies parked in his driveway, and only the first company to arrive got to do the work and was paid -- all the other HVAC company vans were sent away from his property in a rude manner.  This scam is commonly referred to in the service industry as the "Service Roulette."  People like Mr. Mahvavi are the reason we can't expand our business, and cost us both time to pay the tech for his time, plus the gas, wear and tear on the service van.  Mr. Mahvavi has also refused to pay us for the trip out to his home.

Mehita, Mr nirav,  350/2 Easter Road, Edinburgh, UK                         
I would like to make a complaint about this specific customer, i recieved an email asking for painting work to be under taken at customers adress and before i even went he was asking for discount, at the time i did have a 25% off offer on so i explained this to him.
I went to his adress and had a look at the work to be done this customer want all woodwork painted in white gloss in 5 rooms along withrepair work to doors and also cleaning of mould, plstering work and laying flooring, also painting of exxternal door and 2 extrior window and painting of 2 intrior windows plus old sash shutters etc.  I then sent him a full spec detailed quote and the price was £1400 with the 25%off it was  £1050 which is obviously £350 off.  He then explained to me he had a budget of £500 and that he wanted us to do it for that and supply all materials.   I said fair doo's and then i took another £350 off which was £700 he then siad no he wanted it for £500 i then said no chance very sorry but i would be working for nothing as all his materials would cost £200 and i have x2 labour on top of that there was no chance that i could do it for £500, i then tryd to reason with him and i basically said i could take out the flooring and i could do it for £600 at the very least which eventially after many many emails back and forward he agreed we carried out this work and took £100 deposit for materials which he paid.   We carried out the work all the painting and loads of extra work(also after painting woodwork in his room he changed his mind and asked if we could change it but because i said it would be extra he didnt want it changed) wich we just took it upon ourselves to do along withh all the extra he conned off us when we were working, we finished on 31 dec after work over christmas and at this point £600 was blown.  He transferd a further £150 when we finished and refused to pay the further £250 to make up the £600 unless we went and got his flooring underlay and beading and fit it!   I said no chance cant do it you have used £600 and we want paid, after a lenghty conversation he paid the remading balance.  He has now emailed me today asking for £300 back so he could get another contractor to fit flooring.  This guy is a nightmare customer excpecting work to be done for nothing and materials to be supplied out the contractors pocket if you take on this guy as a customer you gonna have a difficult time and be out of pocket the time you are finished.

Moreno, Lisa   330 Stoughton Ave. Cranford, N.J.  07016                       
Customer purchased a new dishwasher.  She was given a written estimate for installation and removal of old unit.  When she was told it would be twenty three dollars additional because the new unit required a special kit for proper installation to her granite counter top, She became verbally abusive to the installer and vowed revenge in the form of slander.  Accordingly, she posted negative feedback to insiderpages.

Marenholz, Sandra   113 Patton Dr, Cheshire, CT  06410                             
Was working with customer for some time planning some projects around her house.  The first two projects involved replacing two kitchen windows and installing an interior French door.  After I determined what she wanted, I was communicating with her via e-mail about window and door design and associated pricing.  She approved the windows and door and sent an e-mail requesting that I order them.  She also asked if I wanted a deposit.  Being "nice", I declined, told her to pay me when the product showed up.  Well, the product showed up and she didn't want to pay until the windows and door were installed.  Before I got any deeper I decided to put together a contract, prior to doing any work on the house, but unfortunately after I ordered the custom windows and door.  After she received the contract she sent an e-mail stating that she no longer needed my services and thank you for my time.  I informed her that I had around $3000 of non-returnable merchandise that I'd already ordered on good faith and paid for.  No response.  I'm stuck with windows and a door and a bad feeling about the human race.

Marenholz, Sandra  113 Patton Drive  Cheshire CT 06410                          
Details of this issue/complaint on file. The business chose not to publish the details but will not do business with the above person again because of this issue . Business involved is a service company.

MARTINEZ,  ISRAEL   68-783 hwy111 suite 3,cathedarl city, California 92234   
He pretended to be a good customer, buying from our site 179 dollars of jewelry, a month later, he made a chargeback, he said did not receive our things and need us re-shipping or refund. He is a liar, money making fraud. Do not sell anything to this person.

McVicar, Martin   1313 Clover Dr. Allen Texas 75002                        
Here is only one of the MANY negative postings this man has scattered anywhere on the net to try to hurt our business and the reply we posted to try and soften his intended dammage per his rage and unmerited suspicions:
by MartinM 02/22/2011
Took my truck in to get a wheel bearing replaced. Bob called me several hours later to tell me that both he and a tech test drove the truck and didn't hear any issues with the wheel bearing. I told them to go ahead and replace it. He called me later to tell me the truck was ready and that my steering wheel was really loose. It wasn't that way when I dropped the truck off and he didn't say anything about it when he called me the first time after they had drove the truck. They did something to cause the wheel to become loose and won't fess up to it. Sorry Bob, but you have lost my trust in getting any future work done on my cars because of this.
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automobob - That's You - 02/23/11    
We ordered the wheel bearing Martin requested but three of us mechanics did not hear the common roaring noise you would normally hear from a bad wheel bearing upon test driving prior to service. We did however, immediatly note the steering wheel was extreemly loose and concerned with it than the wheel bearing we could hear no problem from. Looking out for our customers interest foremost, naturally we called "Martin" and told him we would be glad to do as he asked and replace the wheel bearing in the wheel but did not experience a problem with it (wheel bearing). --Also telling him (prior to service) what we had noticed with the loose steering wheel. I'm not sure what else you can do for a guy like this as we tried to advise him to save him money on a unnessary requested repair (wheel bearing) and bring to his attention a potential safety issue experienced with the loose steering wheel.

MacBride, Robin and Bob    2188 South State Street, Dover, DELAWARE 19901     

My company re-roofed Robin MacBrides roof. I honered my contract. She was satisfied. A few days later Robin blamed me for her cracked rafter and a sag in her roof to justify not paying. Hours later, Bob, her husband, called and asked for a full refund! They still owed over $4600.  She listed her complaint to the BB Bureau and Angies List, along with other low rating sites on the web. I gave Robin a roof that will serve her well. I gave her over $1500. worth of freebees and savings on the roof job. She still owes me over $4600. dollars.
Robin got another contractor to fix her sag, then she demanded a full refund from them ("All United Exteriers"), for fixing the sag. He gave in, just to avoid her rath!!! Now she got a price from another unlucky contractor to fix the work of "All United Exteriors". Robin wants me to pay her over $6000.- so the latest contractor can fix her sag. My neighbor was sued by Robin for work he performed for her.
Robin was studying to be a Lawyer, then got into a car accident.  I believe Bob (her spouse)is overmedicating her with pain pills. She tends to be emotionally unstable. Suggest: STAY AWAY from her, as far as possible.  I am taking her to the Judge soon. I hope justice prevails, so I can re-coup some of my losses.

Marsh, Betty and Jack  6272 Meridian Ave. San Jose CA                                        
Customer agreed on the quote given. Work was performed above acceptable performance. Customer was extremely pleased. Customer decided the work performed was not worth the original agreed and signed proposal. They sent a check for $80 less then the invoice and did not feel they should pay for the materials as proposed. Called the customer and they they said "too bad, take me to small claims court" knowing the amount was not worth the time to do so. Stay away from these people. 

Mcdade, Brandon                   Augusta, GA                                                                   

Customer wanted us to sponsor his video game tournament team in large events.  We found out he had used racial slurs with some of our other customers and threw him out.  Once this happened he went on several websites and left poor reviews for us.  The kid is a real bad one. Even his friends that were here with him come in and play with out him here it's a much more peaceful environment.

Daniel  Marcus , 1036 Hemlock Farms, Lords Valley Pa 18428                                       
Mr. Marcus had researched and purchased a shower door from a plumbing supplier. Mr. Marcus had asked for an installer , that is where we come in . We installed the shower door, upon arrival it was told to Mr Marcus that his curb was pitched away from the drain and water would leak , as well as the manufacturer ,s supplied  paperwork also states that there is no guarantee against leaks due to the design of the door. Mr. Marcus wanted to go ahead with the install knowing the issues. We had installed the door to completion . After 2 weeks he called and we went back to re caulk for leakage . 2 weeks again , a call we again go back and explain and show the problem he states he is 99% happy but still has water under the door . Mr. Marcus says he understands , the next thing I get are papers suing me for the install price. I don\'t get it , he supplies the door, he does the research, he knows the issues , he understands the design flaws with the tile shower curb by others , manufacturer does not guarantee against leaks , and I get sued . He was awarded 1/8 the cost 
Note , very difficult customer who has all the time in the world to post reviews and spend time in front of a magistrate for $100 bucks . Stay away

Daniel Minnis              2002 South Rouse Street, Pittsburg, KS, US 66762                   
daniel@accentdental.kscoxmail.com   6202326903
Daniel Minnis is a online credit card and mail fraudster. Daniel Minnis made a purchase on poshmoda.bz of totaling over $488.90 on November 2011, and has filed chargeback claiming he didn't make the purchase, yet, the package was signed by D.Minnis at the shipping address with delivery proof. After getting caught on his scam, he refuses to answer his phone and email, simply disappeared with the handbags and the money. We warn anyone doing business with Daniel, he is a dishonest thief who committed credit card fraud and mail fraud online and will do it again.

Ayesha Menon,305a State St Brooklyn, NY, 11201, US
This woman called our store after viewing our website and ordered two pair of western boots. She had previously bought two pair. She was told the our return policy but it is also stated on our website. After she received the merchandise, she called to say she didn\'t want the boots and wanted to return them on her credit card. She was told we only offered store credit because we are a small store and our return policy was stated to her on the phone. She called and emailed and was upset so we returned one pair and credit it back to her credit card as a favor. We told her we would take back the second pair for a store credit. She then wrote a very, very bad review on yelp warning people not to shop at our store. I called her and said if she took it down I would give her her money back. She waited 5 hours before she took it down so that many people already saw it. I did give her her money back anyway. The next day I got an email that she complained to the BBB. We did nothing wrong! We have a right to have our own return policy but she said she never even looked at our policy and that she misunderstood the policy when stated to her over the phone.  We are a small store and our employees receive commission so I had to take money back from them when I refunded Ayesha her money. She also used our employee\'s name in the yelp review causing our employee embarrassment and shame. Ayesha is just a big bully so I warn people not to have her as a customer.

We are a high end online butcher shop, and this particular customer had been purchasing from us for approximately 2 years, without issue. She purchased steaks as a gift for her mother, these steaks would ship out of our facility via FedEx 2Day Delivery. In this instance, she requested that the steaks arrive on a Friday, but wanted the package shipped \"Signature Required\". We recommend to all our customers NOT to ship with signature required, since if the delivery company doesn\'t get that signature, the product goes back to the FedEx station for another day or two, and will spoil. She insisted on signature required, and we complied. On the day of delivery, her mother was not at home when the delivery driver attempted to drop off the package, thus the steaks went back to FedEx. Being a Friday, the packaged remained at the station over the weekend. We\'ve had several calls with the customer, explaining that we did everything she requested, we cannot request a refund from FedEx. She insisted we file the claim for a refund with FedEx, which we did, but in the meantime, we find that she has also had her credit card company process a chargeback against us. We fulfilled her order exactly as she had requested, but her bad judgement resulted in the steaks spoiling in transit. She has no right to claim this is anyone\'s fault but her own.

Jim Mansfield, Kobe, Japan; Education Director of LTA Publishing Network; Lecturer at KCUFS University

I provide academic editing. This client misrepresented a job as 1000 words, then sent 2300 for editing, complained about being charged extra for additional work, then once he received it, disputed at Paypal to get his money back. (46 pages of documentation that he received it, responded, then used it was apparently not enough to combat it being an intangible product.) He then used my edits to spruce up a 90% plagiarized article he submitted for peer review in an academic journal.

Mercer Mansini, 225 Haddad Rd Waterbury

We provide Home Improvement Services and were considered being hired by Mercer Mansini...a very turse, nasty and condescending ex client choice. We highly do not recommend getting involved with this person nor her husband, John. 

It doesn't matter what price you quote....never cheap enough. They're landlords looking for the lowest price, no matter what. Stay away from these people....bad news.


Norby, Katy ( mother is Pat Norby)            St. Cloud, MN.                                                 
This girl picked up the wrong kitten from me.  She has been badgering, harrasing, bullying and provoking me since then.  She did not take care of the kitten and it died--I gave her the money back--but not a kitten, I was too afraid to trust her with one of my babies again.  Now she and her family are posting untruths and are sladering me causing me to lose business.  Please do not sell to this girl--she is trouble as is her mother.  Her aunt breeds cats and wouldn't sell her one--red flag!  

Tapas Ranjan Nayak, Carteret, NJ
This customer comes in for brakes. Turns out outside of pads and rotors he needs brake calipers. Blames the repair facility for his faulty calipers trying to get us to buy parts for his car. We put car back together for him and he leaves a false negative review on google. Type of person that likes to blame other people for his own problems. Stay away.

Jean  Nieves 195 windsor st  #2  kearny, NJ, 07032
This customer is notorious for asking for a refund or claiming the item was not delivered.
She ordered from us multiple times and each time had an issue with her order.  We stopped selling to her and she found our ebay store and started to buy from there.  Then filed claims against us multiple times. If this customer orders from you. Beware they will try everything to get their money back or make a claim against you.  We have blocked her from our system and ebay store.

Orndorff, Terry & John                Annapolis, MD                                      

When we finished the job and asked for payment, the Orndorff's laughed at us and said the never make final payments. We did some checking and they are right. They failed to pay GMAC twice and many others once. They are multiproperty owners with extensive court appearances in several states including John's felony conviction.

Overes, William                        1524 York avenue in New York City        

We were hired by Mr. Overes to move his home furnishings from Philadelphia PA to New York City on the 28 th of March. However, The policy issued was only for the 28th only and couldn't be revisited or renewed as this was only a 1 day issuance. Our team got done the loading and finished up packing on the 28 and couldn't do the move to NYC because of time constraints of the building to move them in up to 4 pm. It was agrreed that delivery was to be on the 29th in which it did take place but knowing in advance that any insurance coverage was now on the responsibility of the shippers not us. This was for any building damages. We only covered them for any in transit coverage period. We made the delivery and didn't do any damages whatsoever and even the cameras in the building we were told by management were broken today the 6th of April. Upon further investigation thru an investigator we found out that this customer has a habit of scamming companies by trying to file a false claim and then getting paid in order to be moved for free!! Absolutly posistively AVOID THIS CUSTOMER AT ALL COSTS!!!!  He currently works for a company called Provision IT . I've seen scams but this Mr. William Overes of 1524 York avenue in New York City has taken Scamming to a totally new level!

Raynard Oberacker, Rob, Mike,   Island Pool supply and Spa, Honolulu HI. 96822
We are a small used auto parts recycling yard.  The customer \"Rob\" called in wanting an axle for a 2001 chevrolet 3500 hd dually.  Found part on hotline, ordered part for customer, shipped to customer.  Customer later found that he had mis-ordered the part and needed an axle for a Chevrolet HD Cab & Chassis.  We stated that there are no returns on special orders, customer called bank and performed chargback stating we sent the wrong part.  I have signed documentation from customer about which part he wanted and it is what we sent as verified by the VIN numbers.  Issuing bank sided with customer stating \"customer verbally stated Cab and Chassis truck, written/signed documentation is invalid, verbal transaction was to be followed\"  This is total theft, why a customer is allowed to just \"say\" that something was wrong and not be held against what he signed is beyond me.  I am now out $2800 for an axle that cannot be used, along with the time and effort in all this.


, Julie K  ( See:  Dowell , Dr. Richard and his wife Julie K Dowell (a.k.a. Julie K Patterson)   )

Page, Mike & Kathy  13 Doral Court ,Marlton, NJ ,08053                      
I gave this customer a typed estimate for painting their bathroom, $350 labor, they provide the paint, with exception to the primer and ceiling paint which I provided. One week before I was scheduled to be there to do the work, Kathy called and said "We are having the light fixture replaced so there may be additional prep work to fill any holes from the previous fixture." I told her that for a light fixture, it would be minimal, and the price will stay the same. When I arrived on the set date to do the job, the fixture was the same as when I gave the estimate. When the job was complete, she told me "that I told you the light fixture was being replaced, so you should have removed it [and taken care of all the connected wiring] prior to painting the room." I tried to explain to her that it would be best to wait 24 hours before showering in that bathroom (they have two full baths) to let the paint dry, she just talked over me and shooed me out the door, saying "we'll have to talk about this later, and I can't pay you right now, my husband (who was not home at the time) will have to take care of payment." Mike Page called me the next day in a very confrontational manner, asking when can they take a shower and what about the light fixture, so as I TRIED to explain to him that we are a PAINTING company and NOT INSURED for any electrical mishaps, it was not my job or my responsibility to remove their existing light fixture, which they claim I "should have done." While calmly explaining this, he yelled at me on the phone and hung up. They were billed the exact price for the exact service they received as written on the estimate, and I am now waiting for payment. Weather I get paid or not for this small, menial job, I just need to let other contractors know that in 16 years of business, these were in the top five WORST customers I have EVER dealt with. What I have typed here are the basic facts, but I could go much further into detail about why NO ONE should EVER perform any work for these people - they were just downright rude and nasty, and no form of monetary compensation could EVER get me to lift another finger for them.

PAWLOWSKI, CYBELE       30120 HARRISON ST,  WILLOWICK,  OH 44095                     
This lady ordered some expensive ribbon from us, paid by paypal then in just over a week of shipment filed a non-receipt dispute with paypal.  Three weeks later, paypal refunded her money so we were out both product, shipping cost and payment.  Given the fact that she filed the dispute just about a week after shipment and had no interest in having us send out a second package was a huge red flag because the average customer does not do this after a week.  I believe that she received the package but was able to bypass the postal service delivery confirmation scan by either picking it up herself at the post office or from a mail carrier who either forgot to intentionally or unintentionally scan the package. If you get an order from her, buy insurance on the package

Prantil,   Mary Theresa                 32-85 C2 33 ST ASTORIA NY 11106                                      

Mary Prantil of Astoria Queens New York is one bad customer, or should I say, one infamous scam artist that has ran around scamming both online and land based businesses for over a 20 year span of time, Of course from what we've been told by credible sources in both law enforcement and otherwise.     This person likes to acquire products and services from a company and then charges back on them through Pay Pal, or threatens to slander and liable a person or company over the Internet should they not give into their insane demands, to which she does either way be she get a refund or not.    She also likes to build several trash sites to slam, or liable companies as can be seen in our case however, these sites are nothing more then rant sites geared to promote her own trivial pursuits by trashing other businesses out.    She also likes to fill out false reports with the B.B.B and other state and federal agencies not to mention, call a company 530 times in a three day period in a effort to disrupt their business line and or, send hundreds of name calling emails to tie up a companies email accounts.  This Individual will pursue either a online or land based business for years while stating the most heinous false things about them, or try to ride off of the companies name by generating online conflict in order to push her own shallow endeavors.   Mary Prantil, has launched several frivolous lawsuits there in the state of New York against both the city of NYC and other privately owned NY Businesses in a attempt to gain fast settlements.    The person in question has ripped off and slandered / liabled many innocent businesses over the last four years that we know of, including ourselves. Of course, she does this in-between her nine criminal charges, hearings and trials she faces there in Manhattan New York currently.  The charges pending against this bad customer in NYC over the last four years are as follows: Aggravated Harassment, Communicating Telephone Alarm, Resisting Arrest, Assault, Criminal Contempt with some Parole Violations Rikers Island and Felony Stalking, just to name a few.   Again, we've had folks call into us and state that this person has destroyed their business due to her on-line liable against them on a couple different occasions whom went on to obtain restraining orders against her for having them investigated unnecessarily and unfairly by DEA and other county, state and federal offices.   If you would like to see this person at work on the Scam sites such as www.ripoffreport.com, just press in the name James Morgan, Jan Windglows, Ray Meseroll, Michael Jenkins, Stanley Michael Cahill and Kim Thrasher that aren’t even related but falsely reported as scams, plus the three or four that are currently pressing criminal charges against her in New York that I won't mention here for legal reasons.  We personally brought two legal suits along with yet another private law firm against Mary Prantil for slander, liable, false advertisement, invasion of privacy, impeding interstate commerce and copyright infringement just to cite a few things, that all totaled up to a 100,000,00 dollar judgment against this cyber scamming bad customer, you can also find record of her serving and suit on the www.ashrinetoqueenlilith.net site as well.   Mary Prantil is a real piece of trash, if you have a business and would like it to run smoothly, or to stay in business at all, I would REFUSE this  Prantil person service of ANY KIND.   We don't mind anyone knowing who we are simply because, we have all the evidence to back up our claims against this person and  that's why we've created two public warning web sites to let everyone know about her. You can view one of these sites at www.mary-prantil.com, or www.ashrinetoqueenlilith.net.   If you would like to check out her criminal and civil records for yourselves on the Unified Court System Of New York, please follow the instructions as follows below in this post .    Go to this link of: http://iapps.courts.state.ny.us/webcivil/FCASMain Then Punch in the Code you will find on the site itself, Then press Party Search, Click the “Either” Button for criminal or civil records.    Then punch the “Find Case” button at the bottom of the page, You'll see some blue links pop up on the top of the next page. Pull up one of the four reports by pressing any one of these blue links. Look At The Bottom Of each Report And Click either: “Show All Appearances”, “Show Motions” - “Show All Decisions”.    If any business would like more information on this bad customer please call us at 208-714-4348 or email us at wizardmorgan3@yahoo.com . Thank you and take care.  Sincerely Jim Morgan

Sheree Peck  13678 Briagate Drive 60142 Huntley, IL
We are a handyman service company that performs many different services. Sheree hired us to clean her dryer vent. Not only did she have a birds nest in the vent it had not been cleaned since she purchased the house. Normal dryer vent cleaning takes about 20 to 30 minutes, hers took over an hour and a half. Since there were bird nests in the vent we asked if she wanted a rodent/bird guard over the exhaust, she agreed so we installed it.  Her toilet was clogged up so we snaked it out also. When it came time for the bill she asked why it was more than the original estimate. I explained each line item and It\'s cost. She agreed and paid by credit card. The next day she called to complain about the charges and told us she did not want us to call her. Then she went to the association and complained again. We offered her a partial refund through the association but she refused. Now she filed a complaint with the BBB but put nothing in the complaint description area. If you deal with this crazy woman be aware that she will complain to everyone about either the service provided or the amount you charge.

Tim Pece              Skiatook, Oklahoma
No payment after doing counter top. Signed contract and all and afterwards Tim stated oh that should of included tileing the backsplash. Wouldn't pay at all.

Ken Patrician       Deep River, Ct
We are a restaurant who does not want this man to ever return. This is the rudest, most arrogant, idiotic, disrespectful, belittling dentist/customer in existence. Don\'t write all over your check you think the service was bad when you can\'t say what was bad. After you left the entire bar erupted in laughter with how ridiculous you were. The bartender was so sweet and pleasant to you despite the fact that someone should have spit in your face. She told you 3x she would fix your food and you said \"no! I want you to do...\" Which is exactly what she just said!


Geanevie Quintero, 12619 Bramfield Dr. , Riverview, FL, 33579
Hi everyone, the type of business I do is a service, I provide afterschool for kids in the area. How it works is we take payments in the Friday the week starts. Each week is $75, reasonable since we pick the kids up, help them with homework, teach them martial arts and social manners and correct normal emotional responses. When we first spoke to her, she told us she had 3 kids. And that they all spoke english. And that her middle child spoke some english. I've had that before so I thought no problem. She told me she could not afford to pay for all 3 kids so I felt sorry for her and gave her a discount. To cover for 2 kids. Making it $300 a month. As time went on, I later found out her middle child is on the spectrum and has bouts of violence. She never wrote it down in her registration for and came as a surprise for us. And the other children. We confronted her about it and said he will sometimes be like that and to try to speak to him a different way. It simply got worse because of his behavior and we could no longer keep him here. So we told her, mind you that they were behind on payments. She told me she would cover for them, or her husband. Neither have. She owes $500, and even texted me she would. Very disappointed in this customers behavior and lying. I no longer provide any discounts of any kind.


Ryerson,  Ken        1 Cozumel, Foothill Ranch, CA 92610                            
This Person Ken Ryerson is a very malicious and deceptive customer. He has posted on blog websites every single day, posting the same exact remarks in order to intentionally give a legitimate company a bad name for his mistakes. He wrote our company bad checks as a quote he said " I intentionally left no money in the accounts just in case they tried to cash them". Writing bad checks is ILLEGAL, any amount over $500 is a FELONY, he wrote TWO checks for $1, 000 for our company to fulfill a service to him. He is making false statement saying that we "Claimed" that we are real estate agents which I explained to him that we are a marketing company and he could have clearly viewed that on our website in plain black and white, along with our terms and conditions in which he signed and AGREED to stating directly that "We are a cooperative promotional firm and NOT a real estate broker". He is stating that we are filing paperwork and collecting commissions without a real estate license, when I explained to him that they are not commissions and they are fees for our marketing services and for remitting the offers on his property. You do not need a real estate license to collect a fee in order to assist a person in marketing the sale or rental of a property. He is also making false statements saying that we are "Claiming" that we have an in house escrow company and we do closing in house, when in fact I said that we exercise a Third party company of our choice to handle closings and transfers, that statement was able to be viewed by him Directly on our website in plain black and white. He is then claiming that he had been dealing with us for over 2 months, when indeed he only signed our contracts on the Date of March 03, 2010 then he complains to us stating that we were to contact his resort to waive his maintenance fees, well, yes, we generally do that, however, he did not even return his contract until March 03, 2010 and he made this statement just 2 days later. Our company sent him an email in January and he did not reply or return any calls regarding our services until February and then took almost a month just to return our contracts. Our firm should not have to fulfill services until he agrees with the services in which he is receiving... Right? Ok, well so then he blames us for his late fees to his resort and the overdrafts to the checks in which he intentionally left with no money available for our firm to cash in order to provide him his services. At that point, and after all of the trouble that Ken Ryerson gave us in the first place, I did not contact him back, this man has cost us punitive damages for the bounced checks as well as caused holds to be placed on our accounts due to his ignorance and carelessness. Then he blames our company for his mistakes, I think it is wrong and slanderous and it has been causing our company long term clients and many new clients. He claims that an investigation is being pursued on our company when indeed it is not. If you read all of his rants then you will understand his error, the only investigation that has been done is his own in which has proven nothing, he should have conducted his due diligence before signing our contracts, it would have saved both of us time and money and stress. I will be warning all databases of this bad customer in which writes bad checks and slanders and defaces companies in order to cost them their business. There is currently an investigation being conducted on Ken Ryerson and a Lawsuit being Drafted, all remarks and reviews in which have been placed on our company are malicious and have cost us Thousands. This needs to stop, I will stand up for my reputation and I will not let a person making false statements hurt what I have worked so hard for. Our company has a great relationship with the State of Florida, BBB, and other companies and will resolve any mischief that he has caused and pursue him for any and all applicable damages. This could have been handled more maturely by accepting the mistakes, resolving them and moving on. But he has decided to post rants everyday and intentionally hurt our company's reputation. Now people will see the real scam artist and defacer, Ken Ryerson.  The company is not always in the wrong, there are two sides to every story and this person Ken Ryerson has cost our company Far Far more than his mistakes have cost him.  Our Company has NOT even 1 Complaint besides all of his rants and raves, we try very hard to keep a clean image and it is unfortunate that ignorant consumers post to intentionally hurt a company's business due to their mistakes.  And as far as his comments that we will be taken to court soon, he will be there along with us, and will be pursued for punitive damages, slander, defamation, making false and malicious statements in order to deceive our clients and affect our business, as well as intentionally writing bad checks.  You will be receiving the Lawsuit Draft very soon for your actions.

RND Exhibits International, Inc                                                                             
RND Exhibits is ALWAYS behind on payments.  They do not know how to manage their incoming and outgoing monies. They overpay their traveling supervisors, and have less to pay for the services that have been provided on the Trade Show booth.  When doing business with RND Exhibits, make sure you get at LEAST 75% of your money upfront or DO NOT do the business with them. I have invoices out with them that are over 200 days old.  Small payments are being made, but the original agreement was to have all invoices paid in 30 days.

Rivard, Veronica    6925 East Girard Ave, Denver Co, 80224                             
Customer bought an high voltage electrical transformer kit with glass neon light tubes from our online store for $370.  Package was sent by USPS signature confirmation, and was delivered without problems.  A few weeks after delivery, customer emailed to say that the transformer itself was damaged during shipping.  Customer was advised to submit claim to the USPS.   In May, we received the return without RMA.  Fragile glass lamps were intact, and not damaged, but the transformer outer casing had been broken, not during shipping, but due to vigorous attempts to pry and break it open.  The electrical transformer has a high-impact ABS plastic shell that is not able to be opened except with special tools, and the shell takes extreme force to break.  Scratch marks indicating a screwdriver or other tool had been used to pry open the casing, and the casing was finally broken open.  The electrical coil had been damaged when wires were pulled apart when breaking open the case, and the transformer was no longer operable.  A notice that warranty is void when customer attempts to open the transformer casing is posted prominently.  This is a high voltage device and potentially dangerous if tampered with.  It is unknown what purpose Ms. Rivard could have had to break open the casing to gain access to the internal wiring, but retailers should be aware of a strong liability concern with this customer.  Businesses should also be aware that this customer will not tell the truth about causing the damage to the product herself, and expects the business to pay for the damage customer does to the products.  Customer kept some products that she did not damage. Other contact information for this customer that could help businesses avoid this customer:  E-mail: vernrivard@gmail.com  Phone: 720-215-7472

Rogers, Lyn   ( see Richard Glenney )

Rubinez, Rafi                               6555 Powerline Ed. # 308 Ft lauderdale, FL 33309                                   
Buyer ordered 2 items from my amazon store worth $168. Package was delivered via USPS priority mail with confirmation & signature requirement. Buyer filed the complaint from Amazon that he did not receive the item.  Amazon granted  buyer's claim without considering the proof of delivery. Beware this buyer!!!

Rocco, Kenneth and Monica         59 Mabro Dr., Denville, NJ 07834                                                         
It is difficult to describe this kind of a customer in few words, but I would use terms like: "Lowballer", "Nickel and Dimer" and "Gimme Gimme Gimme"...  but more than anything "The Under-Valuer"(avoid them); situation: The project seems relatively small, so you quote a reasonable (but fairly low) price. Once you start, however, the project changes, now it's going to have to be less and therefore a whole lot cheaper (all after buying all materials and supplies). "Mrs and Mr. Under-Valuer" say in the last minute; what you're doing shouldn't be that much money, you are too expensive and the project is nothing. There’s always still more work that could be done for that kind of price. They pretty much want to tell you what your work is worth...” And when you’re done, then you didn't do enough... oh, and no chance to admit the jobs was nicely done (even when it should exceed their expectations)... all just to get a lower price than you had originally quoted.  so this is pretty much my experience with this customer... they hired me to do a marble wall resurfacing job, very specialized and hard work, postponed the job and finally the day of the appointment a minute (literally) before me starting the work, they started talking me down on the price telling me what and how I should do things and saying the job was not worth the price...   at first very willing and friendly and at the time of getting things done and getting paid, they become the most difficult to deal with people. They made me take my traveling expenses out of the bill (a couple of bucks) as well as taking big part of the contract away because it was not worth it. They caused a lot of trouble, I went back and forth for them and all for nothing... Very unfair, nobody should deal with this kind of a hassle!

Rudy, Theresa                                   Waldorf, MD, 20601                                                      
The customer picked up a fireplace at our store on 7/23/10 then her husband called back on 12/28/11 (nearly 1-1/2 years later) to say they were missing a needed part to do the installation which they were only now getting around to doing. I checked their invoice in our system and the paperwork says they were given the part, suggested that he look further. (I only did this because 99% of the time when the customer says they're missing something, they've really just not looked hard enough and call us back to say so). She called back on 12/29/11 to say they can't find this part, they must not have gotten it. That's not likely, though it is possible. However, I explained, it's been nearly a year and a half so I'm afraid I can't give you the $49 part. (We may have stuck the small part in a larger box, it could be under their truck seat, I just don't know at this late date). She became irate, screaming at me that we're a horrible business, I'm an evil person, she hopes my business goes under and we're ruined, and that she's going to do everything she can to ruin us. 32 years in business, I've probably not had 10 people in all those years be so mean and ugly. She probably WILL do everything she can to tarnish our reputation. If you do business with her and she's not happy, or comes back a year and a half later to get something from you for free, watch out.  And a note to everybody who loses your temper with a merchant: the person you're speaking with may well be the owner or manager and has the power to bend the rules for you if you're nice - try this approach before you pull out the nuclear bomb out of your bag of tricks.

Mike Regan                                   3402 Perch Trail Round Rock TX 78665                                          
Customer likes to hire services, then if he has a problem, tells you about it about a month later. Then when you ask to meet with him to go over the problems, all this customer does is sit behind his computer and complain via emails. He will not return phone calls or work with you at all to try and correct or go over any issues. When you bill him for breach of service upon signing a legal document contract, he tries to wiggle out of it by contacting the Better Business Bureau and telling them all lies even though we have documented proof otherwise. Customer will also cite that your business is hostile and he feels threatened even though no threatening words or hostility has ever been exchanged. We advised how we would go the extra mile for this customer if he would just at least meet us half way and meet. Still to this day he has not met with us.  (Business involved was a cleaning company)

We programmed a smart home system into Cathy\'s house for FREE based on a three year contract with Cathy. For six months she avoided all phone calls. Once we did reach her, after letting her know we would be processing her account for collections, she tried to claim to the state that she never signed paperwork with us. We provided all the signed paperwork and contracts and her event history showing that she uses the system daily. She refuses to give us back our equipment, fulfill the contract or pay for the equipment. She even went so far as to post bad reviews on Yelp and other sites.  Do not do business with this customer who has zero integrity and will attempt to swindle and steal from you.

Auto sales. This young guy thinks the internet is a way to slander your buisness. He will shot gun out to every internet sight that will take reviews and post false lies. He has young kids that he and his wife yell four letter words at them. I felt soo sorry for the little babys to have monsters as parents. He uses google to post most of his lies. If he comes on your lot tell him to please leave or you will be sorry.

Dana & Richard Roenish, Bernville, PA
Customer came into our shop and asked for a repair to be made. In our shop we have a backlog of 10 weeks. The customer filled out their own repair tag with their info and was informed about the 10 weeks. We have two signs posted in plain view. Customer then came in two weeks later and asked about his firearm. he was told that is was not complete and would be a few weeks and he should expect a phone call when finished. Richard Roenish came in without receiving a phone call and demanded his firearm back. We told him it was test fired and diagnosed but the repair was not made yet. NOTE we used our own ammo and time to figure the problem out. When he was presented with a bill for the materials and labor that had gone into it he was very upset. They complained and demanded a full refund and slandered us multiple times.  If a car shop orders parts and takes the car apart and the customer just shows up demanding it back they would be charged!!!  below is the sign that we have posted and inform every customer about. This customer is out to rip of businesses and give a bad name! Gunsmithing Backlog is currently 10 weeks *Estimated completion dates are base upon repair volume and the type of firearm. Completion dates may vary and are subject to change. *All gunsmithing has a minimum charge of $32.50 *A $15 charge will be applied to all test fired forearms, unless ammo is provided. *All repairs must be picked up within 30 days of completion. A 10% surcharge will be applied for every additional 30 days.

Holly Rockowski, 4937 Fairway Drive, Fort Worth, TX 76179
Customer ignored numerous emails from us regarding her order requesting additional information. Item was to be a birthday gift but customer failed to provide a need-by date. On 9/27/16, she left a voicemail message requesting status of her order. Still no need-by date indicated but we responded and asked for this information. On 10/10/16, customer still had not responded to any of our emails but had left yet another voicemail over the previous weekend now stating that this item was a birthday gift and that she wanted her money back so we left a voicemail message for her to check her emails. She finally responded to the first email but claimed that she had not received \"any\" emails from us. We refunded her order immediately and blocked her from further purchases and any further communication because she proceeded to slam us on any and all social media (including Facebook where she posted repeated rants about us being thieves, liars, and scam artists), she bombed our inbox with threatening emails, and constantly called our store\'s back line phone for the entire afternoon. We do not have voicemail on this line and we do not accept calls on this line because it is for outgoing calls only. We do not have a way of documenting calls with customers so we have made it a policy to only answer in writing. Her calls did show on our caller ID for this back line, however, even she was given instructions to call our main line if she had questions. She apparently has a problem with following directions of any kind, both written or oral. The bottom line here is that this customer did not provide adequate information for us to give her good customer service from day one. She also did not respond to our emails until we left a voicemail telling her to respond by email. Email is our primary source of communication with online customers for this very reason. After a full day of back and forth with this woman, we had refunded her order, had to block her emails, and did not answer her calls because she was verbally abusive as well as making written threats all over the web and in emails to us. She also did not understand that a refund would not just magically appear on her card because she said so. Refunds take up to 72 hours to process. She also filed a BBB complaint against us on October 12th that resulted in more lies and after we followed up in writing, providing proof of her own incompetence, she even failed to respond to the BBB complaint by the 10/22/16 deadline and the case was closed for non-response. Unfortunately, her false claim still bumped our rating with the BBB from an A+ down to an A........ even though the whole thing was based on lies. Customers like this woman should be banned from shopping online and then filing false claims against any business this way. This woman has earned top billing by far for the most ridiculous, dishonest, and irresponsible in our 9 years of business. She even attempted to re-register a new account under her fiance\'s name. Thankfully, we caught it and blocked that email address as well.

Mary Robinson of Bountiful Utah 84010
We are a Salon & Day Spa that provided a color correction on this customers daughter. A Price of $120-$150 was quoted to the daughter up front. With her amount of hair and the required amount of product that had to be used, it ended up being the $150. The daughter paid without a problem and added a $22 tip on top of that, she even chose to purchase product after.  When her mother (Mary) found out she rudely complained and tried excessively to get her (and by that I mean her daughters) money back using excuses such as the price quoted was $80, Her daughter was afraid, her daughter is a child (17 with your own money is not a child), that she was only charged that much because she could be taken advantage of because of her age.  The reasoning for the price was explained to her by both the owner and the stylist who did her hair. They agreed to let her return the product and the stylist refunded the tip amount. She is still threatening to dispute the charges. Her daughter was not the problem, and seemed to us to be uncomfortable when her mother came in with her to return the product.  She has been added to our \"do not schedule list\" and I would use caution when scheduling her or Shaylee

Nick Roper aka Nicholas W Roper 8940 Hunter Wy Westminster, CO 80031 
While Blue Ridge Hobbies did make a mistake in sending the customer the wrong product from his online order, the situation was resolved with 3 business despite this customers very rude initial call bringing the situation to light.  The customer used foul language both on the phone and in subsequent emails. The customer was very impatient through the whole process. When the customer received the merchandise on Thursday, he did not contact us to advise of the products damage. He filed a charge back report with his credit card company and filed a complaint with the BBB. We where not aware of either of these situations until we received the BBB complaint.  We where supposed to reimburse Mr Roper for shipping the product he received to the correct customer and the other customer sent his wrong product back to Mr Roper. However, we could not verify that the other customer received his product until the following Monday. If Mr Roper would have contacted Blue Ridge Hobbies about the damaged product it would have been replaced via manufacturers warranty and the reimbursement for the shipping would have occurred on Monday. However, with the charge back  and the debit from our account for over $88.00. Customer claims that he has sent in a reversal of the charge back yet we have not seen the funds returned to our account. Now the customer continues to harass us via emails and bad on line reviews and stated in his last email that he will not rescind his negative reviews. The issue at hand is that the customer not has the $108 worth of merchandise but the $88 charge back as well. This is called credit card fraud and interstate credit card fraud. The complaint filed with the BBB has been marked resolved with the BBB and did not effect our A+ rating. We have no filed a criminal complaint against Mr. Roper with the Secret Service, FBI and Westminster Colorado Police and the Adams County Colorado Sheriff.


Scott,      Colorado Springs, Colorado                                                                 
We provided cleaning services for her and she did not pay for  the services. She is a deadbeat!. We filed a lien on her house
and she has promised numerous times to pay but never has. We finally wrote the amount off. 

Josh Swenson,  198 Magnolia St., Atlantic Beach, FL 32233                    
On April 30, 2010, Mr. Swenson contacted Air Beds Unlimited and stated that he was not going to be forced to observe the Air Beds Unlimited “Bogus” minimum 20 Nights use of our products, under the terms of our posted 30 Night Sleep Trial, which he quoted.  He then threatened to contact the BBB if we were to stand by our posted policy.  Mr. Swenson was obviously suffering from a major case of “Buyers Remorse”.  Incidentally, the BBB rejected Mr. Swenson’s complaint that he filed with them, after having his bed for 2 days, based in part on their policy that, “Buyers Remorse” is not a legitimate grounds for a complaint.   Mr. Swenson never said " I explained to Michael that had he been clear up front about his Refund Policy I would never have purchased the bed from him".  From his conversation, there was never any interest on his part to figure out how to make the bed work for him.  There was also no mention in any of Mr. Swenson’s communications that the bed he received was not as described, damaged or defective in any way.As an accommodation to the customer and in the interest to his lack of intent to allow his body to get used to his bed of 2 days, Air Beds Unlimited told the customer that he could request a RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) according to the posted terms of our 30 Night Sleep Trial and that we would waive the minimum 20 Night part of the policy.  Mr. Josh Swenson then email us with the following RMA request and we quote: “Michael per our conversation Friday April 30th I am requesting a RMA# to return the Series 8 Emerald bed, and you are waiving the 20 day return policy. I plan to ship the bed in (two seperate boxes and probably two seperate shipments since the second box is lighter and will probably go ground Fed Ex) Fed Ex Freight Monday May 3rd to: 4785 Elati St Unit #2 Denver Co 80216, please confirm this is the correct address for return. Since you discounted the bed set 17% to match usbeds price of $2100, I assume I will be paying $314 for the foundation set, which I have no use for since I will not be buying another airbed. The return of the bed to you is costing me $350 since I don't have an account with Con-Way. Once inspecting the mattress per our conversation you will refund $1783 to my credit card within 14 days, but I would expect it much sooner than 14 days. Regards,  Josh  Swenson”

Our Return Policy, which Mr. Swenson followed, states clearly:  "AFTER A MINIMUM OF 20 NIGHTS  AND NO MORE THAN 30 NIGHTS, A CUSTOMER MAY REQUEST A RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization), VIA EMAIL, TO MEMORIALIZE THEIR REQUEST/DESIRE FOR A RETURN OF THEIR AIR BED.  BY REQUIRING THAT All RMA REQUESTS BY THE CUSTOMER and ISSUANCES BY AIR BEDS UNLIMITED, LLC, BE SUBMITTED IN WRITING, THE CUSTOMER AND AIR BEDS UNLIMITED, LLC, ARE BOTH AWARE OF ALL OBLIGATIONS OF BOTH PARTIES, REGARDING THE RETURN AND REFUND OF THE MERCHANDISE."   We then issued the RMA to Mr. Josh Swenson, within out 30 Night Sleep Trial guidelines.   Mr. Josh Swenson now refuses to return his bed, that he had for 2 days!  He has also filed a charge back with his credit card company.  He is trying to pretend that he was unaware of the policies that he followed in order to request the return!   He wants us to refund his money, have the credit card reverse his charges and have us pick up his bed, all after having his Air Bed for 2 Nights!  We already have paid the original $200.00 fright charges for the customer to receive his bed of 2 Nights.    Unfortunately, we can only call this situation, someone who is trying to steal from us.

Lorissa Stewart,                                                                                                                             
Details of this issue/complaint on file. The merchant chose not to publish the details but will not do business with the above
person again because of this issue.  (Service was a house cleaning/maid service)

Vera M. Severson,   Wyatt Court, Sonoma, Ca                                                           
This woman was absolutely horrible. She threw clothes all over the store. She pulled twice as much as she ended up purchasing from the shelf and then left it laying around when she was done. Not only was she rude to everyone who was working, but the most demeaning part of it all was that paraded around the store for hours while ordering things from workers who weren't even meant to do those jobs. She was forceful and pushy. Overall, Vera behaves as though having money makes her better than everyone else. Which gives her the right to be a downright B*&#h! I WOULD NEVER, NEVER, NEVER WISH THIS CUSTOMER ONTO ANYONE! Most atrocious woman I've ever had the displeasure of meeting!

Sawanishi, Mikiko   77 East St  New York NY 10162                                        
This woman is the only person to have been asked to leave our establishment in the 29 year history of our guesthouse.  She reserved a room w/2 beds, for 2 nights for 2 adults & a child. She called back to change her reservation to  the less expensive room in which she was told that a cot would have to be put in for the child.  As soon as she arrived, she complained about the size of the room, wanting to change back to the other room, which by this time was rented.  She proceeded to complain about the toilet flushing noise, this size of the room, the baby in the room next door, so relentless & rude was she that I had to walk away from her & lie down because she made me sick (I am 83)  She then sent my niece an email complaining about me, the toilet (which she wanted us to tell everyone to refrain from flushing after 10pm), the room. She was told to leave & given a refund for the 2nd night.  She then threatened to tell "town officials" & post bad reviews everywhere, contact her bank to refuse payment.  She has since posted distortions & lies on Yahoo Travel.  Her husband never spoke a word until she was loudly harassing me on the way out the door (in front of other customers). He told her to be quiet.

Alex Salgado -  4307 W. Copeland Farm Rd., Laveen, AZ, 85339                           

Customer was disrespectful and refused to pay discounted amount for a move that my company provided for them from old residence to New residence.  We only charged them $479 for a 7.25 hour move. They had a 4 bedroom house, and it took three trips in a professional commercial moving truck. They complained and wanted to only pay $465, when we already discounted their move by $50 to come up with $479. They were cussing and spitting. They also threatened us.

Greg Stogren,                        Conn Rd,    Toronto, Canada                                           

Had us restore a classic vehicle. We finished the work and delivered the car, he promised to pay, saying he is leaving his other car as collateral that we would restore at a later date. We have heard every excuse you can think of, and still have not been paid. But now he wants the other car, saying we overcharged him and he\'s not paying.  He even sent us an email, saying he did this to another company on another car, as he thinks he sets the price of restoration after the fact and wont pay a penny more.

Bakshi Shahabudeen,                          2936 Willow Ridge Drive, Naperville, IL  60564                              
In the midst of the 100 degree weather in Chicago, this customer phones as neither one of his air conditioners is working. AAA Expert gets to his home within 3 hours on a day when the phones are ringing non-stop. Upon arrival, the customer is told what he needs and the additional cost. Customer phoned the office and took nearly 50 minutes time of the dispatcher & office manager to \"DEMAND\" his discount and tell the office manager how we should price our services.  AAA Expert performed the work, ACCOMODATED THE CUSTOMER WITH \"HIS\" discount and got the two a/c\'s working.  The next day we found a BBB complaint about us. Customer claims we have \"bad\" customer service because he had to argue to get his discount that he was \"ENTITLED\" to.  Customer also threatening to process credit card chargeback which we are waiting for.  DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THIS GUY!

Bhomatie Singh,                           679 everdell avenue, west islip, NY, US, 11795,                                       

stephaniesingh@yahoo.com, 6465529944
Bhomatie Singh is an online credit card and mail fraudster. Bhomatie Singh made a purchase on poshmoda.bz of totaling over $896.68 on November 2011, and has filed chargeback claiming she didn't make the purchase, yet, the package was signed by B. Singh at her shipping address with delivery proof. After getting caught on her scam, she refuses to answer her phone and email, simply disappeared with the handbags and the money. We warn anyone doing business with Bhomatie Singh, she is a dishonest thief who committed credit card fraud and mail fraud online and will do it again.

Sehrish Sajjad, 1359 north ocean ave, medford, NY, US 11763,                                                                  

sehrish2608@hotmail.com, 9173028594
Sehrish Sajjad is an online credit card and mail fraudster. Sehrish Sajjad made a purchase on poshmoda.bz of totaling over $ 291.99 on February 2012, and has filed chargeback claiming she didn't make the purchase, yet, the package was signed by S. Sajjad at her shipping address with delivery proof. After getting caught on her scam, she refuses to answer her phone and email, simply disappeared with the handbags and the money. We warn anyone doing business with Sehrish Sajjad, she is a dishonest thief who committed credit card fraud and mail fraud online and will do it again.

Raghev (R.V.) Shetty, Hamstead Gardens Northwest, Calgary Alberta
We are a premium cleaning service. We were contacted by a prospective client from Texas (Sarika Shetty) who was inquiring about hiring us to clean her condo in the northeast end of Calgary. She described her home as being clean, but needing some fixing up in areas but she was particularly concerned about some sticky spots on the countertops. We accepted the job and booked her in. Her father was to open the apartment up for us. We met with him on the day of, and he told us that he lived only in the U.S., had three daughters all in the U.S. and would not give a cell number for him and didn\'t want me to drop the keys off to him at his home. (I was trying to be nice so he wouldn\'t have to stand around waiting for us. He left for 45 minutes then came back and stood and watched four of us work. After he left, we started cleaning the showers and were stunned to find at least a year\'s worth of soap scum and mineral build-up. We had to work very, very hard and use harsh chemicals (which we normally never use in our regular client\'s houses). By the time we were done the bathrooms, both of us who were working in there were dripping sweat. We moved into the kitchen where the client\'s father asked me if the paint finish was coming off the stove. No...in fact it was just so dirty with baked on grease from their Indian cooking and absolutely no cleaning in at least several years, that even oven cleaner wouldn\'t touch it. We scrubbed and scrubbed under Raghev Shetty\'s direction. He told us he wanted the stovetop clean, so we cleaned it. As we took longer, he became angry. He insisted we had given a set price, yet subsequently, his daughter has admitted that we gave a range for the price based on the time it was to take us. He wanted us out. He demanded that we clean the stove. She had wanted the countertops perfect. At one point the man went into the bathrooms and took a look. I asked him as he came back if all was well in
the bathrooms and he nodded a yes. Later he was angry and ! said that we hadn\'t cleaned the bathrooms and that we had cheated him.  In the end, he gave us a cheque for $189 and asked for a receipt. I would have given him a receipt right away but he was so angry and agitated that I was scared for my own well-being and needed to get away from him. I told him I would get him a receipt as soon as I could and I asked him if it was urgent. He said no, but that he needed a receipt to show his next tenants (notice they were his tenants?) that the condo had been cleaned.  That evening the abusive and threatening texts from Sarika Shetty started. I finally decided I had experienced enough and shredded the cheque (which was my property). I told the daughter that I had done this. The next morning the abusive phone calls from Raghev Shetty, the father, started. He told me I couldn\'t do that and he wanted a receipt. I told him he was no longer charged for the service (clearly he can\'t afford it). They continued on and on demanding that I give back the cheque. I told both that I had shredded it, so one would assume that when a bag of shredding was returned to them, they would get that it was their cheque. Not so. I was accused of having left my garbage in their mailbox and told that they were trying to charge me with harassment. When I told Sarika Shetty that there was a piece of her father\'s cheque taped to the front of the bag that was his last name. She then sent another text saying that putting a piece of her father\'s cheque on  the front of a cheque didn\'t prove that it was his cheque. Seriously honey? Are you mentally handicapped? She said that it was HIS cheque. Therefore the cheque is no longer intact. What bank is going to cash a cheque with a piece missing? And if her parents had bothered to look in the bag of shredding they would have found other pieces of this cheque. Bottom line: These people: Sarika Shetty, Raghev (R.V.) Shetty, Prema Shetty and Deepak Shetty (all the owners of the two properties in question), are the most disagreeable, abusive, dishonest people I have ever had the unfortunate circumstance to meet. Raghev Shetty never had any intention of paying me. He knew he was going to be abusive to me and that is why he wouldn\'t give me any information. His daughter threatened me with saying that her sister worked for Revenue Canada but he said that all his daughters lived in the U.S. I don\'t know too many people who work for REVCAN yet live in the U.S. Someone is lying. He said he only lives in the U.S. yet the title for the property where he is living lists his name and Prema Shetty as the title holders.  Raghev Shetty started screaming at me when I said he was getting a free cleaning. He \"didn\'t want that\". Really? They didn\'t want to pay for the service, but a free service also didn\'t make them happy. Funny, isn\'t it? they got a free service and are still talking about how they have been ripped off. Seriously? Their house was FILTHY. They demanded we get a job done in 3 hours that should have taken 6. He accused us of having scratched the ring on the stove (multidirectional scratches from a short person putting pots and pans on and off the stove). He, well after the fact, started saying that the bathrooms, which he had already approved, had n\'t been touched by \"you people\". These people may be connected to a woman whom I have discussed with the Calgary Police Service. This woman has been harassing me for months. This is enough.  Please exercise extreme caution when dealing with the Shetty family. They are unlikely to treat you fairly in your business dealings and may very well be abusive. They certainly have been like this with me.

Lisa Starr  7269 Elkwood Drive  West Chester Ohio 45069
We are  a full service fence company in the greater Cincinnati area. We have received several awards for being the top rated fence company in the area, and since our founding in 2005, we have serviced over 2500 happy customers.

Lisa Starr in hind site is a person we wish we had never met. The warning signs were all there, price haggling, numerous phone calls with questions before any work was started, and the ultimate warning...refusing to pay the deposit because they admittedly had had problems with contractors in the past! Yet we built her fence anyway. She paid us in full, her husband shook my hand and said quote, \"Great job\". This was after having us \"fix\" or adjust her list of issues...which we did. She then paid us after being asked specifically, \"Was there anything more?\"  To which she answered, \"No\"

Two weeks later we were contacted with a list of complaints. She wanted the back fence line moved, accusing me of changing the line, even though the dimensions match the bid sheet exactly and that she had no problem with the line location two weeks earlier! (that\'s why she paid) We of course, said \"no\" to here request. She had other petty issues which were not our fault which in the interest of \"good business\" I offered to fix. But ultimately, because I would not take down 60 feet of fencing and move it for free she went crazy. Threatening and accusing emails (which I have copies) with several slanders and out right lies. She attempted to get a lawyer and sue our company, only to be told that she has no case. In spite of this she wrote crazy and malicious reports on both Angie\'s List and the BBB. She wants reimbursed $1500 and wants another fence company to do the work.

Bottom line, we are not going to even respond to her psycho babble. We have a 25 to ratio of straight A reviews to any \"non- A plus review on Angie\'s List. We felt it best however to warn all other contactor\'s about this person. She stated that she had had issues with other contactor\'s in the past. It\'s no wonder why. She tells half truths and leaves out information when telling her side. Contactor\'s beware!!!

Rose Swinson 15 Stonehedge Conway AR 72034
We are an online retailer. This customer placed an order with us for an out of stock item choosing to wait for it to be delivered only to cancel it before it could. No problem, except that they waited past the PayPal time period for us to be able to refund them fully. We have a posted $5 cancellation fee on our site for this reason. When she was made aware of this see freaked out and demanded that we refund her in full with no fee causing us to lose the processing charges. Bad enough right? Now she not only filed a dispute with PayPal and the BBB, but she is harassing us on Facebook having her friends post fraudulent negative reviews and has threatened to file a complaint with the FTC and stated that \"she is not going away\". All this for a $5 cancellation fee mind you. She has already received her full refund but continues to harass us. Beware, this woman is unstable and will try to damage your business if she does not get what she wants, and maybe even after she does.

Laura Small, Joseph M. Arias  10617 meadowbrook rd. glenn allen Va. 23060
my company does small home repairs and improvement\'s. I was called by Laura asking if I would give her prices on her back deck of their house because her and Joey were getting a divorce. I gave her two options the first was demo the deck and rebuild it to code since it was never built to code by the previous homeowner which they knew because of the original homeowner inspection done when they purchased the house that they emailed me a copy of the second and cheap option was to resurface the deck and hope the framing last another year or two. I advised against this but they didn\'t want to spend anymore then they had to to sell the house. Her statement to me was let the next sucker deal with the cost. I started the job and that\'s when the IDIOT Joey got involved. He wanted to put two drain lines under the deck square off the back corner and rotate the stair\'s I told him it would take longer then the original schedule and cost more they both agreed. So I did the job as they asked called Laura and informed her that the work was done she said thanks and I emailed her the invoice about a month later instead of paying their bill I get an email from the idiot Joey telling me he wasn\'t paying the bill because 1) the job took longer than I originally quoted (which was because of his changes) 2) because I didn\'t rebuild the entire structure to code (which wasn\'t what they agreed to) 3) because the siding on the house was recalled and the paint job on the house was only going to last about three or four years ( which I didn\'t paint the house or put the siding on it so I don\'t know how this idiot thinks that\'s my fault) So if you\'re a contractor or a perspective home buyer don\'t let them screw you the entire house is a lemon from the electrical which need\'s to be completely rewired, (which i had an electrician give them a price but they didn\'t want to pay anything for the work) the siding (that need to be replaced), and structural issues (that are thru out the house and deck) the drainage issues which will cost a fortune to resolve due to the layout of the property, STAY AWAY FROM THESE DEADBEAT\'S AND THEIR SLUM HOUSE FOR YOUR OWN GOOD..


Janice    879 Eagle Bend Dr., CO 80911                                                                    
12/16/03 Tried to get away with not paying us. We hounded  her until we were paid but we will not provide future services  
to her... (AKA Blackwell )...           (Service was house cleaning / maid service)

Tillinghast, Edward & Gene   Callaway greens Fort Myers FL                               
Took advantage of the service offered by not wanting to pay for service that was provided. Due to mother nature their landscape was damaged and expected it all replaced for free. Also for a few years I have gone out of my way to do extras and to please this very HIGH MAINTENANCE! CUSTOMER. After spend a lot of money of my own to replace things and go out of my way they still continue to complain and act in a dis-respectful manner to my self and to my staff. I would avoid this customer at all cost. They might seem like they have a lot of money but they are cheap and only looking to get as much out of you as they can for free, then when you stop they will talk bad and get ride of your service and find another sucker.

TINDALL, HOLLI       3150 Westbury Rd. Beaumont, TX, 77713 hollitindall@yahoo.com                                          

Teodori, Keri                  Fulton, Maryland                                                                              
Keri Teodori lives in Fulton Maryland. She is a business owners nightmare.  She feels she is special and deserves to be treated different than your other clientiele.  She is demanding, yells alot, calls constantly to see if her pet is finished getting groomed, complains about something different everytime she comes in, talks bad about other businesses, and threatens to do bad reviews of your company if you do not meet her demands.  Finally, I have had enough of her complaints, and I admit I blew up at her.  The first thing that came out of her mouth was she will tell all of her friends that I said I would not welcome them to my shop.  She also said she would tell people we cut her dog while we groomed it.  I never said anything to her about her friends not being welcome and we never cut her dog while we groomed it.  I can not believe that this woman is permitted to put on Merchant Circle this lie and get away with it.  This whold thing started when she was not satisfied with a paticular groomer because it was not the hair cut she had in mind.  She has had her pet groomed by 5 different groomers and I even sat with her myself to go over her requests in great detail.  We finally go it right for her.  The next time she came in to my pet salon, she was upset because we did not have her dog done as soon as she wanted.  We have people that schedule their pets in advance to be done first.  She did not do that.  Anyway, she called and screamed at me on the phone about how rediculous it was in her opinion that her dog be there as long as it was.  This is a very large dog, that always comes in matted, and we have to now do her special type haircut and have the dog out before any other requests.  I finally told her to go elsewhere.  I just could not take it any more.  None of my groomers wanted to do her pet anymore.  What a shame,  She owns a very sweet labradoodle.  Keri Teodori needs to be reported because I want other business owners to know that this woman has threatened to ruin my business by telling lies on the web regarding her visit. Be on the look out for this woman!  A business owners nightmare!

Tio, Richard               Jamaica Queens, NY 11432                                                                    Richard Tio, placed order on 12/16/11, order shipped out 12/16/11 a Friday. United States Postal Service with delivery  Confirmation( 03103490000126813540 ), Items delivered Monday 12/19/2011 Richard Tio called 5:00pm Monday eve and said that he was going to do a charge back because it was not delivered. No kidding. CC company let him keep $469.00 items, and his funds our cost $45.00 extra to file dispute with USPS conformation prof.

The Patients Guide, Biomed Content Group Inc. a nna.liachenko@sympatico.ca,   patientguide@sympatico.ca         

Biomed Content Group Inc. Publishers of The Patients Guide have not paid their bill for over a years worth of tedious work on their magazine.

Dee Thomar                     641 Pine View Plc. ,  Casper,  Wy  82609                                       

Beware Lodging Industry!!!!! This person likes making reservations she has no intention of keeping. Full agreeing to policies and deposit charge on  CC# provided when making the reservation. Then calling a cancelling with some lame excuse.

Greg Tassell.                        2450 Booral rd.,  Booral , NSW 2425                                          

Numerous requests to pay invoice owing. Full of excuses, apparently done it all before to other businesses. Do not deal with this scumbag



 Nicolette Vazquez,    Houston, TX                                              

After only four months of having moved in she started being late on rent, then around June or July she stopped paying entirely.  Damages to the house were discovered to be massive after eviction.  Holes punched through a built in mirror, straight through the wall. A mess of garbage strewn everywhere throughout the house and in the fridge. The landscape was a total overgrowth and trashy mess.  The carpet was completely ruined. Stickers all over the doors. The damages and losses from this theft and vandalism far exceeded the expenses over the several months.  This person should be thrown in jail but this is all I can do.  No one should ever do business with this person. It's sad because she has a daughter.

Lida Vajusi, 31012 Ronald Drive, Willowick, OH, 44095
This customer backcharged an item ordered from our website claiming that she did not receive it. The USPS tracking information shows that it was delivered. She placed two separate orders one day apart and used the same shipping address for both. She has only claimed that she received one order when both show a confirmed delivery to the same address.


West, Tiffanie   6970 Shoreview Drive Grand Prairie, TX   750504                  
Aloha! We just wanted to express our gratitude for such a beautiful ceremony yesterday! We really felt like the four of us connected, which is so great in this situation, coming here just the two of us, we felt like we had a friends with us at the ceremony. We appreciated the encouraging words and extra time we spent together, you both certainly seem like our kind of people too!  If you feel like getting together for a meal or something before we leave tomorrow night that would be great. Take care and thanks again!
Troy and Kathy - Married by MauiWeddingPlanner.com on 4/28/10

Tiffanie's Scheduled Wedding Date on Maui is 5/15/10     Non-Refundable Deposit Paid mid-March 2010 via Paypal
All information sent to Tiffanie for Site Locations & Marriage License Instructions on 3/24 & 3/26/10
Balance Due on 4/21/10 - NOT PAID     All details for their simple beach wedding on Maui all set.
Called her at first opportunity end of April to respond to email & ph msg sent April 6 onward, and answer any other questions she might have -    Tiffanie impertinent and upset due to our delayed response to her  email and phone calls in early April. Apologized for the late response, Explained about our busy schedule and offered free upgrade of 20 photos and free hand painted tropical theme Xmas ornament as a gesture to help ease the situation. Tiffanie still impertinent, highly agitated, and combative, would not calm down and kept repeating "my question was simple" "I don't understand you being defensive" "you're so unprofessional",among other things. Tiffanie Emailed me 6 days later with an email addressed to my partner: " (Sheryl) is disrespectful, condescending, rude, curt, unreliable, self-centered." If I was any of these things, I would never have offered to upgrade her wedding package.
Because she's behaved so badly, I tried to save the situation  by speaking with her fiancee about her behavior and he admitted to me over the phone that "yeah, she gets this way sometimes" - !!!!

The sad part is that she's put herself in a position of having to find another company to provide her with services 3 weeks before her scheduled date. As we're used to last-minute bookings on our island, it will be easy to plan with another company, as her wedding was very simple on the beach. Although I wouldn't refer her to any of my colleagues, for fear they will  have to deal with her impertinence and lack of manners.

I've had it with clients who think that they can throw a tantrum and get away with it. My time is too valuable sit on the end of the phone and email and take this type of abuse - I care so much about my clients, I have HUNDREDS of wedding couples who sing our praises, and rarely encounter a bridezilla such as this.

Wehner, Sherry          20440 Cielo Vista #4, San Antonio, TX 78255                            
Customer ordered over $675 worth of merchandise from us, a total of 10 items. Received ALL merchandise, then called American Express saying one item was not received and filed a chargeback for the entire order, although the one item was $45. However, ALL items were received and we disputed the chargeback. Customer then said dissatisfied with company and cancelled her order to begin with. Customer received ALL ITEMS with signature delivery. American Express sided with her. After calling Amex on our end explaining all documentation was received by us to Amex, they said we were in favor and gave us our money back. HOWEVER, Customer still does not have to pay Amex due to federal time guidelines with Amex. Bottom line, customer got $675 worth of merchandise for free!

Sabrina Washington,                                      Houston TX                                                     
This woman is like a tornado on two feet. She forced her baby\'s father to provide health insurance for the child and then, upon realizing it was inconvenient to keep up with, signed the child up for medicaid and wanted everyone to pretend the commercial insurance did not exist. When the child got sick with strep throat, she went nuts over a misunderstanding about the copay. She called to complain, telling me point blank that court-ordered health insurance did \"not fit in with her lifestyle\" and we should just ignore it. She was verbally abusive, accusing me of being ignorant and incompetent before I had a chance to even say hello. She was driving in her car the whole time. Her daughter was in the back seat crying from the pain, and Ms. Washington responded by yelling at her to shut up. She informed me that she was taking the child to McDonald\'s for dinner - and then said I had to wait while she cursed out the drive-through employee. Twenty minutes later, having accomplished nothing, I advised her to call back when she was more calm. She then said \"while you\'re in a warm bed tonight sleeping, I hope you know my child is sick.\" No word on whether the funds that paid for chicken mcnuggets could have covered the copay. She ended the call by hanging up on us.

Joan S Wilson,                                         3238 Bloomington ave s minneapolis mn                          

we provided customer our services for insurance restoration work and improved her claim from 13000 to 37000 for required repairs completed 2 of the projects recieved partial payment know she wants to keep the overhead and profit that was intended for the genneral contractor because i said no she is trying to use bbb city state to force me into allowing her to keep money watch out for her i found out to late that almost all her previous dealing with contractors and buissinesses has resulted in no one wanting to do repeat buis with her


Paul Wild, 2539 n rosa parks way, Portland or
I was a general construction company that was hired by this mans in-laws to complete a \'rental grade\' basement remodel. The finishes were in no way selected by me and the quality of those finishes is in no way endorsed by me. The project was plagued by slow progress. Much of the approval for completing the finished work in this basement came in chunks rather then all at once. Framing was approved first, then some time later the rough in work, then insulation and drywall, and then finishing. I have emails upon emails of work that was stated as work to be done \'by us or family\' that later ended up getting added to my scope of work. Some of the work I did was contracted the week before we did it and finding time in the existing schedule was hard but I did get the job done to the level I was contracted to complete the work to. Paul is a very passive aggressive communicator that likes to hide behind the distance between words on an email or an online review and he never showed any real desire or willingness to resolve something or to be satisfied with an effort to make him happy regaurdless that he wasn\'t even the customer or present for the majority of the project.  He was not and never will be my Client in any capacity for this reason. But I will do all I can to maintain my warranty for my actual client, his in-laws, should they have any need or claim against my work and I would even go beyond that to help them with any vendor or manufacture that they may need to resolve any issue.

Edward Williams 20591 Sanford Ave. Caldwell, ID 83605 United States 208-504-8580
We sell fine art which is created by and signed by famous rock musicians. This customer ordered, was shipped his art the same day, and filed a chargeback for merchandise that was defective/not as advertised. The chargeback ppwk went to an old suite # of ours so I got it too late to dispute with his credit card company. When I got the ppwk, I called the customer. He gave me a song and dance about having been promised a discount over the phone and when he was charged the full amount for the art, he decided to wait to receive it, and do a chargeback for the full amount. Not to call us and ask for the difference, not to chargeback for the difference. Keep in mind he had no employee name or an email attached to this discount. He confirmed that he received the art in good condition, but felt \"inconvenienced\" about his discount, so he thought the art should be absolutely free. After him informing me that he didn\'t like my tone, etc, asking my name, and thinking I was going to lose my job over this. Not likely. I emailed him later and promised to dispute it further. He called the owner of our company and agreed to send a check for HALF of the purchase price, then changed his mind again, called the owner back, informed him that he is a \"son of a bitch\" and to deal with his credit card company, he\'s not paying. 



Rebecca     1723 West Bijou, Colorado Springs, CO 80904                                    
We are a house cleaning / maid service and were providing regular cleaning services to her for a while.  On 7/21/04 she called and cancelled her service. She had not paid  us for the previous cleaning provided to her and promised to do so but never did. We made numerous phone calls to her which  she ignored and we finnally wrote the amount off. We will never  do business with her again.

DR RR Yalamanchili, Navasota, Texas
We are a Landscape tree seller/ Nursery for all you plain folks. We grow trees we plant trees and we install Irrigation to water what we plant. We were hired by Dr Yalamanchili to plant Trees on his property in Navasota Texas. To be Exact 380 Wonderful Pomogranate trees. We were also hired to install irrigation to these trees.  When I met with him and presented an estimate and a Contract for services he told me \" my word is my bond\" I should have known! We ordered the trees from our suppliers and paid for the. I let him know that the trees had been purchase and I needed Payment for the trees.  He stated he would pay for them as soon as they arrived. Well the trees arrived and guess what I presented the bill and he only paid Half of the bill then told me he would pay the other half when the trees were planted !  Now I am out almost $ 5000.00 and have to plant the trees and pay labor before I will see the money and he is holding this over my head. I tried talking to him and his Ranch foreman about it and have been told several times if I don\'t like it I can just walk the job. If I do how do I pay the supply bill and what am I to do with over 300 Pomogranate trees ?  This guy is a crook ! I may never get paid !


Zuwaka, Donald M       Ramona, CA                                                 
It is everyone's fault that he has to drive an hour and a half to get to where he has to go and wants gas money when he feels he did not get what he deserved. Walks into the store already mad before interaction even begins. When you offer extra service he expects it on his time frame, not realistic with the buisness at hand. Believes it should alway be the way he thinks it should be and demands more gas money.   (Business involved is a car parts store)

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Unknown Person      Anchorage, Alaska   
So this a*** comes in to my shop, saying he wants $20 on gas then he says he wants change for the $20 bill he has, he wanted two $10s. Then, I told him I needed money for the gas. He proceeded to tell me he gave me a $50. He did not and NEVER did. I had two $50's under the til, so I gave him the benefit of the doubt because I wanted that old fart out of there. Later, when I was changing shifts with my coworker, when I printed out the sheet that said if I was over or short on the til, sure enough, I was short $50. I am extremely angry at this guy because I'm also worried about my job. I work for my girlfriend's parents at their gas station they own and this arse might have cost me my job.I wish I knew his name, but I don't.

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