Finally... a way to protect yourself and others from unscrupulous customers and at the same time convey kudos to those great and wonderful customers that every business loves to have.

What is this all about and why do we need this site?

Business owners and managers deal with customers every day .. customers are our lifeblood. In fact some time ago I was sent a document entitled "Ten Commandments of Good Business", (Click here to read it), BUT, and unfortunately there is a BUT ... Not all customers are GOOD customers, and the old adage that "The Customer is Always Right" is no longer true! 

Why do we say this. Unfortunately although MOST customers are good and honest, there are SOME who have figured out the system, know that businesses usually want to do the right thing, and will threaten and coerce in order to get their own way .. and often "their own way" is an unjustified refund, free services or some other concession that a business may give to "make them go away and not cause trouble. 

As a business owner how many times have you given a BAD CUSTOMER a refund, free services or some other concession because they threatened to make trouble for you ... drag you to small claims court, file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau, stop payment on their check, dispute the charge on their credit card bill, etc. etc.? 

Unfortunately if a consumer files a complaint against your business to the BBB it still shows up as a complaint even if the BBB finds in your favor and the complaint is resolved ... that is just not fair to you as a business. The same with a customer stopping payment on a check ... even if it was a valid charge. If a credit card is disputed you have to prove to the credit card company that this is a valid charge ... of course the "bad customer" knows its valid but they do not hesitate to try and rip you off .... 

Now we business owners have a way to fight back! Now you can tell the "bad customer" that if they put an unjustified mark against your good reputation by filing a complaint with the BBB, or stopping payment on their check or credit card that you will file a complaint with RateMyCustomers.Com for all the world to see ... after a while other businesses will refuse to provide services to these "bad customers!


Customer Service    
A realistic look at Customer Service 

In our opinion "Customer Service" has changed over the years! In the "good old days" customers tried very hard to be fair and the businesses reciprocated by "doing the right thing " and "making things right!"

Today customers have become very demanding! Today customers feel that "good customer service" is only "good" when they get exactly what it is that they demand .. even when the demand is completely unreasonable.

For example, this sort of customer will have a window company install a window, and  when the contractor is done, the customer decides that because the contractor did not remove the stickers off the window or did not clean up as well as they expected after the installation is done that the contractor owes them a big discount.

This sort of customer will nit pick on everything to get a discount. This sort of customer will call the contractor and complain, say that they did the cleanup themselves and because of that they want a full refund for the window and the installation "because you people did not clean up after yourselves and I had to do it myself".

Even when the contractor offers to send one of his employees to correct the problem but this sort of customer will refuse that and say something like "I have fixed it myself and I expect a full refund for the window and installation since I had to do it myself!"  

Of course the contractor refuses to give the customer a full refund, and the customer then files a complaint with the Better Business Bureau! DOES THAT SOUND FAIR? This is a BAD CUSTOMER! This is a customer that had the contractor known that this is the way it would have turned out WOULD NOT DO BUSINESS WITH.

The fair thing to do is for the customer to call with the complaint and then allow the contractor to correct the problem. NOBODY is perfect ...not even the customer with their high and mighty attitude!! The reality is that that sort of customer would be the FIRST to run to the department of labor if THEIR employer informed them that they were going to be docked an hour of pay off their paycheck because a certain thing they did for the place they work at was not PERFECT.  

People have to be given the opportunity to correct the problem if there is one. As businesses we often depend on employees, and employees are not perfect. If the business is making a genuine attempt to correct the problem then the ARE providing GOOD CUSTOMER SERVICE ! Good customer service is NOT just giving a customer what they demand no matter how unreasonable the demand. Any business that does that will not be in business long!

This website is to RAT OUT these BAD CUSTOMERS  ... to make others aware of who they are so that other businesses can steer clear of these BAD CUSTOMERS!  

Often these people will take advantage of one business, and eventually when that business gives them the boot they will go on to another business and do the same thing to that business...until that business finally figures them out!  

Hopefully as a business owner you will find out ahead of time who these people are and not do business with them. Remember as a business owner you have a right to refuse service to anyone, so we encourage you to do your research and make the decision NOT do do business with the RIP OFF CUSTOMERS!!

Pretty soon these people will realize that we have got their number! They will have one business after the other refuse to do business with them ... which is exactly what they deserve!!


Obviously a database of  "Bad Customers or Ripoff Customers" is no real help if there is no information in the database. We need you as a business owner or manager to submit the information to us.

Please submit as much information to us as possible. The more documentation we have the better. Be prepared to back up your position if challenged ... because eventually these BAD CUSTOMERS will start to feel the heat and squeal like a cornered pig.

As long as you have facts and dates we can list the problem customers here.

Click here to file a report!

Thank you for your support!!

When you file a report please be sure to include the full name and address of the customer you are rating. If they have moved include last known address and  any new addresses you are aware of.

Please include your contact info, business name, type of business, etc.  Your name and the name of your business WILL NOT appear in the rating, BUT if the consumer wishes to correct the issue that you have with them or contacts us for further information we may at our discretion provide that information to them.

Thanks for your support!

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